CNN Analyst On ‘Leftist Bigots’ Al Sharpton and Joy Reid Hosting Racism Town Hall: “Utterly Ironic”

James Gagliano, a CNN law enforcement analyst, did not hold back when giving his opinion of a recent MSNBC town hall on racism that was hosted by Joy Reid and Rev. Al Sharpton, two well-known bigots.

The town hall event that aired at 9 p.m. Monday featured Sharpton, Reid and Chris Hayes as hosts, and it drew special attention for guest, Valerie Jarrett, a former Obama adviser, and the subject of a racist tweet that got ABC to cancel the Roseanne show this week.

As everyone was focused on Jarrett, Gagliano zoned in on two of the three hosts, Sharpton and Reid.

From Mediaite:

“Wow. How utterly ironic,” Gagliano wrote in a tweet. “[Reid and Sharpton] lecturing on racism, and presumably, homophobia, as well. Let that sink in for a moment.”

“Just thinking … why not invite Mel Gibson?” he added in a subsequent tweet. “I mean, as long as Leftist bigots and racial-arsonists can lecture on tolerance and inclusion, why not invite ol’ Mel?”

Responding to a Twitter question about his attacks on Reid and Sharpton, Gagliano made his position crystal clear saying that Reid “half-admitted” to homophobic rants, and that Sharpton “literally, contributed hate-filled and incendiary rhetoric that actually incited the fire-bombing, leading to deaths”:

Gagliano added that in the 1990s, Al Sharpton “was infamous for hateful rhetoric.”

Considering Sharpton was the man in charge of racial issues for President Barack Obama, it’s frightening to think back through those eight years with the racial tensions rising day after day by a president willing to take race relations back 50 years by having someone like Sharpton on call to organize and recruit the professional protest mobs that took place after every police shooting that made headlines.  Here’s just an example of the Sharpton’s well-known style from 1992:

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