Chuck Schumer Lying About Labor Secretary Alex Acosta’s Role In Epstein Florida Trial

Senate Minority Leader, Chuck Schumer (D-NY), is a despicable man.  He is blatantly lying about Labor Secretary Alex Acosta being lenient on child sex abuser Jeffrey Epstein, and he knows he’s lying.

The leader of Senate Democrats is politicizing child sexual assault.

After the recent arrest of longtime Democrat donor billionaire Jeffrey Epstein for child sexual assault, Schumer has been trying to link Epstein with Donald Trump, and place blame of leniency for Epstein in the past on the current secretary of Labor, Alex Acosta.

Schumer took to social media to accuse Secretary of Labor Alex Acosta of going lenient on the pedophile, and calling for President Trump to fire him.

There’s just one problem.  Acosta was not the one who gave leniency to Jeffrey Epstein in the Florida child sexual assault case. The Democrat county prosecutor and Democrat county prison officials were.

The whole reason why the then-Florida U.S. Attorney Acosta was called into the case was because Democrats wanted to do next to nothing to the Democrat donor pedophile.

We reported that after an intensive police investigation into accusations by a mother that her underage daughter was offered money for sex from Epstein, the Palm Beach prosecutor, Democrat Barry Krischer, threw out a mountain of evidence provided by police and went soft on the crimes, charging the child molester and friend of Bill Clinton with only one count of soliciting prostitution, meaning, the Democrat prosecutor labeled Epstein’s child sexual assault victims as “prostitutes!”  Epstein was then given probation.

Palm Beach Police Chief Michael Reiter was furious that Epstein was given a pass, so he contacted the Bush administration who then gave it to the Department of Justice (DOJ). That’s how U.S. Attorney Acosta got involved and took the case, which in the end, the Republican-run federal investigation led to the Democrat donor Jeffrey Epstein being required to plead guilty to two state felony charges and take a sentence of two years in prison, and to register as a known sex offender, while also paying restitution to the victims.

Acosta got the best deal a federal U.S. Attorney could get for a state case.  After the conviction, it was out of Acosta’s hands.  The man did his job and justice was served.

It was Democrat county prison officials, and not the feds at DOJ, who arranged for Democrat donor Epstein to be housed in a private wing of the county jail and who allowed the child sex assaulter to spend twelve hours a day, six days a week, at his Palm Beach mansion throughout his 13-month “imprisonment.”

Chuck Schumer is lying about Secretary Acosta being lenient on Epstein.  He wasn’t.  The whole reason Acosta had to get involved is because Florida Democrats gave Epstein a slap on the wrist.

Acosta got the best deal he could get in the situation.  It was the Democrats who were lenient in every way they could be to the Clinton friend.  Schumer’s doing it for two reasons.  He wants to trash President Trump in an effort to harm his reelection efforts for 2020, and he wants to publicly distance himself from the child sex predator, because Chuck Schumer has received and accepted thousands of dollars in donations from Epstein.

Federal Election Commission records show that Schumer received seven $1,000 donations from Epstein between 1992 and 1997, first as a US Congressman from New York and then when he was working to become a U.S. Senator in 1998.  Those were years that Bill Clinton went to Epstein’s Orgy Island.

Epstein also gave $10,000 to “Victory in New York,” a joint fundraising committee established by Schumer and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.

Try to follow this twisted logic.  Chuck Schumer, leader of the Senate Democrats, is trying to punish Donald Trump for something his Labor Secretary did not do, when he worked in a completely different job for a completely different administration, and Schumer knows it was Florida Democrats who actually did what he’s accusing Acosta of doing.

I repeat, Senate Minority Leader, Chuck Schumer (D-NY), is a despicable man.




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