China Reports No New Cases Because They Stopped Testing!

The world thought it had heard awesome news that China has “flattened the curve,” reporting few to no new instances of COVID-19.

China’s excellent news was reported by The New York Times Thursday, which trumpeted, “China Hits a Coronavirus Milestone: No New Local Infection.”

The Washington Post reported, “China reports zero new local Coronavirus infections.”

NBC News reported China’s National Health Commission’s report about there being no new COVID-19 cases from inside the large nation:

“China’s National Health Commission on Friday reported no new local DTCNBN cases, which marked the second time it has done so since the epidemic began.

There were 39 new cases reported on the mainland Thursday, but all were called “new imported confirmed cases.” Deaths on the mainland rose by three, bringing the total dead to 3,248, according to the health commission’s numbers.

There have been 80,967 cases reported on the mainland in all, the national health commission said.”

However, a report out of Japan by Apple Daily HK says that rosy view from China is a lie.

“Report by @appledaily_hk , Japanese news outlet interviewed Wuhan doctors, and confirmed Wuhan has stopped testing, that is why new case = 0 there. They release people in quarantine early too.”

In line with that exclusive report, China has stopped testing for the DTCNBN, and that is why there aren’t any “new” local cases.

People gasped at the news, people like Fox News’s Brit Hume, who stated, “I hope this isn’t true.”

However, China has been shady in its reporting of the Wuhan-based virus. As we have reported, not only did China lie in regards to the outbreak, it “disappeared” doctors and other health care specialists who worked on it and informed outsiders what they knew.  Li Wenliang, the first physician who reported the virus outside of China, was subsequently silenced before he succumbed to the virus.

From PJ Media:

In January, China lied to the World Health Organization and claimed the virus could not be transmitted from human to human. WHO bought the line and it caused a lag in response time by the entire world.

That was not true, obviously.

China has been lying about the virus from the jump.

Efforts by the CDC to get inside Wuhan to observe after the outbreak were met with a stiff-arm from the Chinese leadership.

China is currently attempting to place blame for the outbreak of the virus on the U.S.

And has subsequently booted out major U.S. media to control the message sent to the U.S., like this ominous message from the regime’s spokesman:

“Different countries have different ways for media operation. The US doesn’t have the right to judge, stigmatize & suppress other country’s media based on its own ideology. china has no intention oto change the US political system. The US should respect China’s political system, too.”

The U.S. economy has almost come to a halt, thanks to the pandemic from Wuhan China.

Testing for this completely new virus has been slowly attending to hot spots within the US. The FDA cleared the usage of a fast test for COVID-19. The Trump administration has been criticized for stopping flights from China and Europe to reduce the number of new cases entering the United States.

Whether or not it’s China’s stated aim to wreak US economic devastation and death or a shady way of “sticking it” to the US, communist China’s lack of transparency isn’t helping.


  1. I want to see the original article in Japanese from the Kyodo News cited. This sounds like either a translation error or all out b.s.


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