Brennan Tries To Backtrack: I Didn’t Mean Trump Committed Treason When I said ‘Nothing Short Of Treasonous’

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Former declearanced (Is that a  word?) CIA Director John Brennan left those of us paying attention scratching our heads over the weekend, when he bizarrely stated he “didn’t mean” Trump committed an act of treason when he said his actions “were nothing short of treasonous.”

Yeah, how could anyone think that’s what he meant by “nothing short of treasonous?” #EyeRoll

Brennan was on MSNBC’s “The Rachael Maddow Show” when he was asked how he felt about President Trump’s recent revoking of his security clearance.


“I didn’t mean he committed treason. It was a term I used, ‘Nothing short of treasonous,’” said Brennan.

“You didn’t mean that he committed treason though? If we diagram the sentence ‘Nothing short of treasonous’ means it’s treason,” Maddow shot back.

Even Maddow, the quintessential conspiracy host and the Left’s version of Alex Jones, didn’t believe Brennan’s steaming pile of bullschtein.  If she did believe his explanation then that would make two people in all of America.

Brennan can’t even admit that he jumped the gun when he said the president committed treason.  There is a rule in the CIA that former CIA employees may maintain their security clearances after leaving employment, and one of the conditions is that the former employee must continue to behave as if they were still a CIA employee.  The things that John Brennan has said about the president, before and after his security clearance was revoked, are not exemplary examples of behaving like a current CIA employee.  And he said things about the president in a manner that he caused his audience to believe he spoke with knowledge that could only have been acquired through his security clearance, and that is a violation of CIA rules.  His clearance had to go.

It’s kind of shocking that he was allowed to keep his clearance at all after he was caught spying on the U.S. Senate by hacking into a Senate staffer’s PC to see what the Senate was doing.  Brennan first lied to the Congress about it during testimony, and then finally admitted to it, but only after evidence was discovered that pointed at him.

John Brennan helped his former boss, Barack Hussein Milhous Benito Obama, politicize the intelligence agency that he headed up.  And that could be why his behavior has been boorish and outlandishly aggressive against President Trump.  Brennan was involved in the phony Clinton bought and paid for Steele dossier being spread around the federal government.  Some people believe that if there is a chance they can be exposed for a wrongdoing, they could dilute the fallout by a preemptive strike of righteous indignation.  That is the best explanation for the cranky old communist’s behavior.

SOURCE: Hannity

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