Beto To Jake Tapper: ‘It’s Really Hard To Argue That Voting For Trump Isn’t Racist’

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Great news!  I just found out that I am tied with Beto for the Democrat Party 2020 nomination.  I’m neither running, nor a Democrat, but I’m tied with the back-runner.

Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke’s political strategy from the very beginning shows he’s not a very savvy politician, and definitely not ready for the Big League.

During his failed Senate campaign against Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), leftists thought that even though he couldn’t win a Senate seat he would be great for the White House.  During that election cycle, O’Rourke became a national rock star in his party.

Robert Francis himself, if you remember, said he was not running for president and was focused on “being together as a family.”

“I will not be a candidate for president in 2020,” he told Garrett Haake of MSNBC.

But then he came out shortly after and said that only he could save the country, and so he was running for president.

And since then, Beto has fallen to Earth and he can’t get up, and he doesn’t even have one of those thingies to call someone for help.

With all the hype of socialist Bernie Sanders and crazy cat lady Elizabeth Warren, all Beto had to do was run as a left-of-center moderate, and he could have appealed to a lot of the party’s base.

But he didn’t do that. He ran as an ultra-woke progressive, thinking he could pull ahead of the two leftist nuts who at the time were leading the pack as radicals outside of Camp Biden.

He’s polling at less than 1 percent, and the more he’s reminded of that the more woke he becomes.  That strategy was all wrong, because he’s running in a national primary against a crowded field of radical leftists with an avowed democratic socialist and other socialists down the line, all of whom have better name recognition than him.

Joe Biden is still the frontrunner, and Beto should have tried to go for his audience, because none of the rest of the clown show is going after that demographic, but instead, Beto is going more and more crazy as time goes on.  In the end, he might be the first candidate to go into negative polling numbers.

And now, after Biden’s appearance in Iowa a few days ago, it looks like Beto’s shot at grabbing Biden’s mantle has all but diminished.  Biden refused to call Trump a white supremacist at the Iowa State Fair, even though reporters begged him to do so, because everyone else is.  Biden’s reply was, “You just want me to say the words so I sound like everybody else. I’m not everybody else. I’m Joe Biden. I’ve always been who I am. I’m staying that way.”

Biden, unlike Beto, is smart enough to know that if you tell white voters in the Rust Belt that they voted for a white supremacist racist three years ago, you’re also telling them that they are white supremacist racists too, and the top rule of running for president is you don’t insult the people you’re trying to win over to vote for you.  Hillary Clinton didn’t understand that either when she called Trump supporters “deplorables” during the 2016 election, but Beto should have learned a lesson from that, and it’s obvious he hasn’t.

Beto, it seems, is hell-bent on going even further than Clinton did to insult people he wants to vote for him by saying that all Trump voters are racists too if they continue to support the president.  It’s really not a winning strategy, which is why the Texas candidate can’t get any traction.  And his desperation is showing.

It’s obvious he has no future in this race, and there’s no way he can walk back such a statement if he drops out and decides to run for the Senate again.  Texas has a lot of swing voters with most of them inclined to vote for Trump.  And why not?  He’s made America great again.

The only thing that makes any sense is that perhaps Beto is thinking about a decade or so out.  With no chance in hell of winning the 2020 nomination, and it would end his political career to lose back-to-back senate races (there’s no way he beats John Cornyn), he may be going all whack-job-radical-wokie-woke now so that he gains some nut-job creds with the extra-chromosome radical wing of the party, so that in the future, if the demographics are more favorable for him, he’ll then run again.

Until then, Beto will be a constant thorn in Trump’s side with death-by-a-thousand-cuts of radical insults at the president and the GOP.


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