Another Resistance Judge Rules Against ‘America First’ Trump Immigration Policy Changes

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The inmates are now running the asylum, thanks once again to left-wing activist judges who are collectively hell bent on stopping the President of the United States from doing his job and protecting the American people.  When will this stop?

President Donald Trump mandated an immigration rules change that told immigrants they can no longer rely on public health programs, housing assistance, food stamps, all the things Democrats swore to us for years that they weren’t getting, and on Friday three federal judges told the president he can’t do it.  The judges ruled in favor of Democrats and immigration lobbyists and against America’s poor and working class.  These judges don’t get that we must take care of our own citizens in need first.

The rule created by the Trump administration would make it more difficult for immigrants who use welfare to qualify for green cards and/or permanent residence.  Instead, it would give preferential treatment to immigrants who can support themselves and don’t expect the American taxpayer to owe them a living.  The new rule would require visa applicants to prove they won’t have to use welfare if they’re let into the interior of the country.

Manhattan federal Judge George Daniels blasted Trump’s proposed rule as an “exclusion in search of a justification,” implying it was a racist ploy to keep out foreigners.  How is it racist when race is not mentioned?  Irish and Italian or German immigrants would have to abide by the same rules.  The term racist here is being used by a “woke” progressive judge as an excuse to thwart the president’s policies.

Currently, there are over 300,000 families in New York who are sitting on Housing Authority waiting lists.  There are over 4 million people across the country waiting for public housing or housing vouchers.  The United States is the only country in the world where people can just come into the country without a means to support themselves and their families and expect that the American taxpayers will cover them, owe them a livelihood.  And to have that many people on the taxpayer’s dime across the country with plans to continually bring in more and more of these utterly useless people is nothing short of just plain nuts.

Research done by the National Academy of Sciences reveals that the average first-generation immigrant costs state and local governments $1,600 per year, including public education and safety net programs, less taxes paid. Multiply that by the tens of thousands and you have a fortune of taxpayer costs.

Immigrants who don’t use these welfare programs cost less, benefiting taxpayers. In a disgusting display, New York Attorney General Letitia James challenged Trump’s rule, which should make you wonder whom she’s serving, foreigners  or American taxpayers.

From Real Clear Politics:

Public opinion is on the president’s side, according to a Harvard/Harris poll. Sixty percent of voters agree that immigrants who are likely to rely heavily on welfare instead of supporting themselves should be denied permanent residence. That’s what Trump’s rule boils down to.

Judge Daniels mistakenly claims there’s “absolutely no support in the history of U.S. immigration law” for it. Daniels needs a refresher course. In 1882, as immigration soared, Congress voted to exclude “any person unable to take care of himself or herself without becoming a public charge.” That law is still on the books. In 1999, President Bill Clinton redefined “public charge” to include only those receiving cash welfare payments, not health care, food stamps or housing help — a distinction without a difference, as these giveaways use taxpayers’ cash.

Clinton’s rule contradicts American values, not Trump’s.

University of California President Janet Napolitano slammed Trump’s rule for discouraging foreign students from using food stamps and housing assistance. Napolitano says the rule makes it harder for “the best and brightest” from other countries to study here. Shouldn’t taxpayers’ dollars be reserved for our own best and brightest?

National Academy of Sciences research shows that the average first-generation immigrant costs state and local government $1,600 per year, including public education and safety net programs, minus taxes paid. Newcomers who don’t use safety net programs cost less, benefiting taxpayers. Yet New York Attorney General Letitia James took the lead challenging Trump’s rule. It makes you wonder whom she’s serving — definitely not taxpayers.

Democrats have created an atmosphere where if you complain about having to pay for immigrants, both illegal and legal, before taking care of our own needy, you are labeled a racist.  They’ve played the race card so many times it doesn’t mean anything anymore, but it still divides us as a people.  That’s always been a Democrat strategy, to divide people into groups and work to have the larger group on their side to win elections, but the way they grow the bigger group is by employing the lowest common denominator by playing the race card.

The good news is that these activist judges’ decisions will most likely be reversed on appeal, but that’s the problem.  Resistance judges have attacked Trump policies since the day he was inaugurated.  They rule against the president and base their rulings not on law and legal precedent, but on nonsensical arguments of racism in policy, when there is no racism to be found.  The judges do this even though they know their rulings will be overturned eventually with the satisfaction that they have stalled another policy of this president.  The problem for America is the actions of these judges go unpunished.  That should end.


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