Activist Judges Reinstate ‘Catch-And-Release’ For Illegals With Children

Trump administration officials are now releasing thousands of illegals with young children into the United States – as required by judges – marking the return of catch-and-release policies for migrants with children.  Where is Jeff Sessions?

Ankle monitors are going to be used to keep track of illegals with children so border officials can track them. (That is, until they figure out how to remove them.)

Border officials admit that ankle monitors don’t really help the enforcement officers to find and repatriate a majority of the illegals who lose their asylum pleas, making it a de facto amnesty, when you think about it.  This is what happens when liberal judges act as if illegal foreigners have the same rights as U.S. citizens.  Why have border patrol and ICE to protect our country if activist judges continue to soldier on to harm their efforts?  (Come to think of it, isn’t that a Democratic Party plank in their platform by now?)

In the first wave of judge-ordered releases there were migrants who brought 103 children younger than five.  Of that 103, 57 have been released and reunified with their children, pending asylum hearings.  Forty-six of the young children have not been returned to parents for a number of reasons, including criminal charges pending against the parents.

Two thousand parents will soon be reunified with older children between ages 5 and 17, another requirement of judges.

From Breitbart:

Most of the migrants were separated from the children from April to June when President Donald Trump directed the end of catch-and-release for illegal migrants and asylum-seekers. This zero-tolerance policy required housing children in shelters while their parents were kept in detention until their legal claims were adjudicated. But a furious rage of protest about “family separation” by progressives and media successfully pressured Trump to release parents of children pending their legal claims.

The reunification of the parents and children has highlighted several difficult issues, such as the useless of ankle bracelets.

“On those individuals which we are required to release pursuant to the court order, generally, they will be placed on ankle bracelets to provide us a higher level of monitoring of their activities once they have been released,” said Matthew Albence, the Executive Associate Director of enforcement division at the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency. He spoke via phone at a July 10 press conference:

The use of the ankle bracelet is a tool which we use to hopefully encourage compliance from the individual that has been released to appear for their hearings … It has been effective with regard to ensuring appearance at hearing and meetings. It is not an effective removal tool. While we have a large number — over 80,000— of individuals on [ankle bracelets] last year. Thatled to barely more than 2,400 removals, so it is not an effective removal tool, it is merely used to gain compliance with individuals going through the court process.

The ankle monitors are not a good substitute for detention, said Andrew Arthur, a former immigration-court judge who now works with the Center for Immigration Studies. He said:

If the [detained] alien is detained … the alien can be quickly removed [and be sent home]. If the alien is on an ankle monitor … he simply has to cut off the ankle monitor and disappear.

These leftist judges know that their forced catch-and-release orders will only encourage more migrants to come here illegally, and it is horrendous that there isn’t anything anyone can do about it….or is there?  According to Article I, section 8, clause 4 of the Constitution, Congress has the sole power ‘To establish an uniform Rule of Naturalization,‘ which means that immigration law is whatever Congress says it is.  Judges don’t have the power to create or change laws, and Congress also has the power to remove judges who think they do.  So, the Congress can grow a pair and write legislation that stops activist judges from carrying out the wishes of Democrats and the rest of the open-borders crowd.

Read more at Breitbart.


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