One of the fastest growing movements in the United States right now is the #WalkAway Movement. It began with no intention of being a movement, until one day, a gay man living in New York, after much soul searching and digging up facts, decided he was in the wrong party. Brandon Straka was a liberal, believing that as a gay man, it was his only option. He believed all the lies about President Trump being a racist and hating gays.

Then one day, a friend sent him a video proving one of the lies told about Trump was false. One thing led to another and Brandon made a video of why he was leaving the Democratic party. It went viral and then became a huge movement with many others testifying to their own #WalkAway moments.

From Yahoo News

For Straka, the left practices tolerance and diversity in a superficial way, with no regard to individual thought or personal belief: “If you express an opinion that’s outside of what is their ideology, there is no tolerance and there is no diversity.”

“I don’t think that being hostile towards heterosexual people helps gay people,” he says. “I don’t think that being hostile towards men empowers women. I don’t think that being hostile towards white people empowers black people.”

As Straka dug deeper into the media’s coverage of Trump, he discovered more inconsistencies that disturbed him. “I even found footage where there were groups of black people who went to Trump’s rallies to support him,” he says, “and when [the media] got there, they actually framed up the shot to cut the black people out so that it appeared there were only white people there. … I started to see that I had been incredibly unkind and judgmental towards all of these people in the country who I thought were horrible people, because the media had made me believe that these people were terrible people, when in fact it wasn’t true.”

A message from David…

”I have had the privilege of getting to know Brandon over the last couple of months, and I can attest to the fact that he is as genuine and as honest as he seems. I was one of the first ones to have him on my show which before filming, I had an opportunity to speak with him at length about his journey that led him to launching the #WalkAway Campaign.

I truly believe that his story is one that will prove to be part of the massive shift that is currently taking place all across the country. A shift of individuals that are waking up to the lies of the Democrat party, that are leaving the establishment they thought was the establishment of inclusiveness and love. They’re leaving because they’re realizing that the Democrat party is actually the party that fuels hate, animosity, and rage towards anyone that disagrees with them.

They are the real fascists. And the Democrat party has always been the party of racism. I am honored to know Brandon as a friend. And I also know that he has some very exciting things coming up in the near future. You will see me there!”

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