Let’s face it, Maxine Waters has always been a carnival act.  She has never been a sensible politician, has always played the race card to her benefit when needed, and often uses the charade of being outraged at whatever cause célèbre is ripe for her brand of Victimhood Identity Politics at the moment.  Always the bigmouth who creates unnecessary scenes that demand the most attention, like a spoiled rotten brat at another kid’s birthday party, Waters now truly has something to be afraid of.  Identity Politics, the only thing she knows, is in trouble for the first time in years.

This is especially true in the Black community (which Waters and other Democrats have used and abused politically for decades to maintain their own power). But that’s all coming to an end.  President Trump’s approval numbers are climbing in the Black community, while the Democrat “Victimhood” rhetoric and empty promises have been made to Black Americans for decades, they see that Donald Trump is actually coming through for them.  Black unemployment is at the lowest levels it’s ever been (since it’s been recorded), and thanks to Trump, Black Americans are beginning to earn more money, which means they are able to live better lives.

This is dangerous territory for Waters, and she is fully aware.  Some might say she’s awakened to the political realities of her immediate future.  No more fancy house in Hancock Park.  No more prestige as an African American Congresswoman fighting for the rights of Blacks.  She might even have to – GASP! – move back to her actual district and live with her constituents in South Central to avoid getting thrown out of office in her next election!

The Democratic Party has always had to maintain a certain level of poor constituents in order to keep power in government.  That’s why Democrat politicians always seem angry.  The formula goes like this:  They intentionally keep people down, then act like it’s someone else’s fault (usually those racist Republicans they keep ranting about).  They get angry, and they start shouting from the rooftops that they understand the plight of the people they represent.  (They should, because they caused their plight!)  And they argue that they, and only they, care about them and their plight, so they should be re-elected time and time again in a never-ending cycle of government head games that always makes the politicians wealthy and their constituents always three steps behind good living.

Along comes Donald Trump, and in under two years proves that all of the rhetoric from liberal Democrats was just that; empty rhetoric… a bag of hot air.  Trump has already proven that very simple, common sense government reforms were all that were needed to get our economy roaring again.  And what’s become catastrophic for Democrats is their constituents now understand it.  They are coming to learn that their representatives have done things to intentionally keep them down, because the very simple, common sense things Trump did removed all the roadblocks created by Democrats.

And other Democrats in general (try as they may) cannot separate themselves from the abhorrent likes of Maxine Waters and other race hustlers like Al “Not-So-Sharp” Sharpton.

Democrats deserve no sympathy for their plight, because they did it to themselves.  They set themselves up in a trap of their own making, and they have no idea how to get out of it.  For example, take the latest cause célèbre, the anti-Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE) trend, where in the name of “open borders for votes” the Democrats can not separate themselves from leftists who call ICE Nazis, and want to see the federal agency abolished.  They must support that kind of lunacy or risk alienating their voters.

From PJ Media:

Whatever the case, protesting ICE makes the Democrats look loony. And it is encouraged by identity politics, in this case, ironically, a kind of “brown skin privilege,” giving Hispanics — because they are Hispanics and therefore oppressed in some way — the privilege of entry into our country even if they are illegal, a privilege hardly ever granted to others.  It’s a rule of law for me, but not for thee.

The identity politics problem is more treacherous than that, however. Its tentacles are everywhere, destroying lives and keeping the people down they are supposed to be helping, denying their individuality and encouraging them to identify as victims. The latter is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The Congressional Black Caucus itself is in essence reactionary, as are all similar religious, racial and ethnic political groups.  They had a use decades ago, but that has passed.  Now they preserve and exacerbate division and create — as outrageous as it may sound — a kind of nostalgia for a racism that no longer exists, turning people backwards who might otherwise be prepared to move on and accept people as people.

Liberal Democrats during the Civil Rights era of the 1960’s encouraged Black Americans to identify as a group instead of as individuals.  The egg-headed elite told us this was because there was strength in numbers, but the reality is this:  Group Think is a Stalinesque tactic the Soviet dictator used in the USSR, where people were required to carry internal passports identifying them as Jews, Tatars, Russians (preferred), etc.

Of course the Stalinist approach of group think mentality sounds ridiculous here in the United States, but that’s where identity politics always leads.  Think of the group constituencies of the Democratic Party where the party leadership has identified groups so that there are no more individuals.  You must be categorized in one of the groups.  You’re African American.  You’re Hispanic.  You’re Gay.  You’re a Single Mother.  You’re Trans-American.  This is what Maxine Waters depends on for power, money, and influence in her world.  And it’s tearing the country apart, but Democrats don’t care so long as they maintain power, keep getting paid, and are able to spread their influence.

The very frightening thing is (whether these leftist Democrats are consciously aware or not), they are following the historical path that always leads to ruin, and if you follow their path to its logical conclusion, you will see something much closer to Nazi Germany and The  Final Solution than anything remotely to do with Donald Trump.

Maxine Waters is going toys-in-the-attic crazy, because she sees the writing on the wall.  She sees that Donald Trump is ending her party’s stranglehold on a whole lot of groups of people who have blindly supported her and her party for decades.  She is desperate to hold onto power, and the only thing she knows how to do is to ramp up the rhetoric, because once again, she has never been a sensible politician.


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