President Trump may be very close to declaring border security as a national emergency, and he has asked the Army Corps of Engineers if they have the money to work on the wall. The Department of Defense (DOD) has 100 billion dollars that are not allocated, and that money could be used on the wall. They had an additional 27 billion, but that went away because they didn’t use it in time and that would have been enough money to pay for the entire wall. The money was allocated by Congress but has never been used. If the president wants the wall, he will have to do it himself. His base will love him for it.

According to the Washington Post, Trump asked the Army Corps whether construction could begin within 45 days.

White House lawyers are preparing a legal defense — something that the President has anticipated which is why he has been addressing the nation about the crisis on the border and attempting to negotiate with Democrat leaders.

President Trump has the backing of many Republican allies including Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham who called on Trump to use emergency powers to build the wall.

“Speaker Pelosi’s refusal to negotiate on Wall/Barrier funding – even if the government were to be reopened – virtually ends congressional path to fund Wall/Barrier,” Graham said Thursday.

“Time for President Trump to use emergency powers to build Wall/Barrier,” Graham added.

President Trump has done everything possible to negotiate with Speaker Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, however; the two Democrat leaders refuse to work with him on border security.

The President made it clear that he would declare a national emergency to secure funding for the border wall if he could not strike a deal with Pelosi and Schumer.

On Wednesday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told Trump that she wouldn’t even fund the border wall if he reopened the government, which means the Dems will never compromise, even if they get their way.

President Trump told Pelosi “Bye-Bye!”

It is obvious that Schumer and Pelosi have no intention of negotiating, so the only way to get the wall, which we so desperately need, he will have to make the emergency proclamation. That will scare the Democrats after the wall proves effective. Voters will remember the words of Pelosi and Schumer – and will vote accordingly.

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