New York Times reporter Amy Chozick  has written a book on the Hillary campaign in which she talks about having to put up with sexist and grabby Clinton aides but she refuses to name them. I guess she doesn’t want to go to Ft Marcy Park. At the same time the Hillary campaign was calling Donald Trump a sexist and an abuser, it was Clinton officials that got touchy feely with the female reporters. But even as she complains about them, she doesn’t name them. I guess that’s the kind of man Hillary feels comfortable around.

From Breitbart

While Chozick interprets these attempts to undermine her confidence as sexism, other episodes are so overt they required no interpretation.

“They ask if there are any other Times reporters, preferably male, that they could talk to instead of her,” Lozada writes, and then things got “gynecological”:

The undercurrent of sexism spills over when Chozick and Original Guy spar over whether a prior conversation can go on the record, and he randomly paraphrases a crude line from “Thank You for Smoking,” a 2005 film in which a reporter sleeps with a lobbyist for information. “I didn’t know I had to say it was off the record when I was inside you,” Original Guy smirks. (“The words hung there,” Chozick recalls, “so grossly gynecological.”)

“HAA exhibited generally creepy behavior, but seemed more pitiful and effeminate than threatening, which is why I tried to ignore his rubbing up and down my back,” Chozick explains.

HAA (hands across America) is allegedly Clinton’s spiritual adviser, Burns Strider, Strider is the campaign worker that she covered for in 2008 when he was sexually harassing women connected to Hillary’s campaign against Barack Obama.

And this is the candidate who cares about women?


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