On election nights when Republicans are winning, it’s always fun to watch CNN and PMSDNC. But, as it turns out, it’s also fun to watch them as they find out there was not going to be a blue wave. In fact, Republicans fortified their lead in the Senate. Nelson, McCaskill, and Heitkamp all lost, and a couple more seats could be joining the list of Republican pickups. The Democrats were able to turn over just one Senate seat in Nevada. It was obvious that the establishment media were primed for a big night after so many election disappointments. It was heartbreaking for them when it didn’t happen.

From The Daily Caller

The media and Democrats were touting a “blue wave” heading into the 2018 midterm elections, but the results pointed to more of a small ripple.

Democrats took control of the House but did not pick up as many seats as expected, and Republicans increased their majority in the Senate. (RELATED: Bar Hopping With Liberals On Election Night)

Some of the biggest Democratic stars, such as Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams and Senate candidate Rep. Beto O’Rourke, dropped their races.

Shortly after major results started coming in, the establishment media admitted that the “blue wave” was not meant to be.

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