In keeping with the Jeff Bezos policy of loving everyone who hates Trump and to make up lies every chance they get, a WaPo columnist, Gene Weingarten , demands that Federalist columnist Bethany Mandel, who spent the weekend raising money to rescue North Korean refugees for calling North Korea the most brutal regime ever. I guess the WaPo thinks that since they are the champion and apologist for North Korea, everyone else should walk lockstep with them. Liberals love to point to FDR as their ideal president. If this column had been written in FDR’s day Weingarten would probably be facing sedition charges. And the WaPo would be under investigation.

Weingarten and Mandel exchanged tweets on the subject and Weingarten brought up several regimes that he considers much worse. I’m betting he considers the current administration one of them. Mandel correctly pointed out that the North Korean regime has been going on for decades and that they have imprisoned more people than the regimes Weingarten mentioned. In your wildest dreams did you ever imagine that one of the biggest newspapers in America would become an apologist for a regime such as North Korea? It’s just daffy. Mandel refuses to apologize.

Here is the battle of the tweets.


Join WaPo next week when they defend the Adolf Hitler Nazis.


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