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Voter Fraud in Orange County…300k More Votes for Reps Than Governor

The numbers just don’t add up. The main election for California voters was, of course, the race for governor. Not only that, but Republican John Cox (who ran a putrid race) beat Newsome in Orange County despite wide margins of victory in the two traditional Democratic districts. Yet, in the House races, Democrats beat Republicans by about 186,000 votes and there were more votes for reps than for governor –  by 299,931. There is no way that makes sense, especially considering how hardcore Republican Orange County has always been. For those numbers to be right, 3 out of every 10 voters in Orange County would have had to skip voting for governor. Does that make sense?

The election results:

Orange County Governor’s race:

Republican John Cox 489,249
Democrat Gavin Newsom 476,827

Orange County House results:

District 39:
Democrat Gil Cisneros 113,075
Republican Young Kim 109,580

District 45:
Democrat Katie Porter 143,144
Republican Mimi Walters 135,120

District 46:
Democrat Lou Correa 85,691
Republican Russell Lambert 40,777

District 47:
Democrat Alan Lowenthal 124,436
Republican John Briscoe 69,942

District 48:
Democrat Harley Rouda 140,323
Republican Dana Rohrabacher 123, 401

District 49:
Democrat Mike Levin 139,480
Republican Diane Harkey 111,778

Total votes in Orange County House races:
Democrat: 776,218
Republican: 590,598

So according to the election results:

300,000 (299,931) more Democrats voted for the Democrats in the Orange County Congressional races than voted for Democrat Gavin Newsom for governor.

From The Gateway Pundit

Orange County, a traditionally conservative enclave in Southern California turned all blue after Democrats found tens of thousands of votes post election day.

Just two years ago in 2016, only 2 Congressional districts in Orange County voted blue–now just two years later every single district voted blue.

Democrat blue wave? More like Democrat election fraud.

From a reader:

I did a bit of my own research, and what’s interesting is in both Stanislaus County (ca-10) and Orange County Republican John Cox beat Gavin Newsom for Governor. John Cox ran a horrible campaign and was virtually invisible. I find it hard to believe that voters would split the ticket — voting R for an unknown guy Governor and D for a super liberal congressperson. Just seems like a BIG red flag.

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Transcripts: McCabe, Not Mueller, Fired FBI Agent Peter Strzok From Special Counsel Team

Transcripts of testimony that were recently released are causing all kinds of havoc in the D.C. swamp.  One set of transcripts shows fired and disgraced former deputy FBI director Andrew McCabe testified that he was the one who “made the decision” to fire the disgraced former FBI agent Peter Strzok from the Mueller team, and not Robert Mueller himself.

“Former acting FBI director Andrew McCabe claimed he ‘made the decision’ to remove Peter Strzok from Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team in the summer of 2017 after a series of anti-Trump text messages surfaced between the former FBI special agent and another official with whom he was romantically involved,” Fox News reports.

“It was long thought that Mueller had Strzok removed after the texts between him and Lisa Page were uncovered. But McCabe’s apparent role was revealed in a newly released transcript from his House Judiciary Committee interview on Dec. 21, 2017,” the article added.

Then why didn’t Mueller say this himself publicly?  He had to have known it was big news at the time when the story broke that Strzok had been removed from the team over the content of newly discovered text messages between Strzok and his lover (who was not his wife) former FBI attorney Lisa Page.  Why did Mueller allow the falsehood to go on for so long?  Was it because it made him look good in the eyes of the public?  When you are perpetrating a fraud, such as was the whole Trump-Russia collusion investigation, you’ll take anything that makes you look good.

“They said they had a very important matter for me to review and they needed me to come across the street and talk to them that day, which was unusual,” McCabe told lawmakers in July 2017. “I made the decision to remove him from the investigation that evening.”

McCabe lied back in March when he claimed that the phony Steele dossier was “accurately represented” when it was used to apply for a FISA warrant to spy on the Trump campaign.

“I do believe that we adequately notified the FISA Court of the information we were using, and what we thought of the information,” McCabe said over the weekend.

“I think everyone was satisfied that we had represented that accurately and adequately in the package,” he added. “I do think we represented it adequately”

Yeah, and I’m Mary, Queen of Scots.

McCabe was fired from the FBI in March last year, only days before he was scheduled to retire.  He has claimed that he was fired because of the Trump administration’s ongoing war with the FBI.  In reality, McCabe was fired by Attorney General Jeff Sessions, after his firing was recommended by both the Department of Justice’s Inspector General Michael Horowitz and the FBI’s own Office of Professional Responsibility, because he leaked to the Washington Post, and he lied to Congress under oath when he denied that he leaked to the Washington Post.  When you join the FBI, the first thing they teach you at the academy is if you are caught lying, you’re done.  The FBI takes their agents lying very seriously, as it should, because agents must be able to be  trusted with the powers they are given to do their job.  McCabe and Strzok fell far short of that trust.

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Donald Trump Jr Weighing Run for NYC Mayor

According to Page Six, the gossip page of the NY Post, which can be found coincidentally on page 6, Donald Trump Jr is considering a run for mayor of NYC next time out. Although Page Six is a gossip page, it has a long history of being right on it’s articles. But, Trump Jr really would have no chance in an election in one of the most liberal cities on the planet. He might want to do something really crazy like cutting taxes and he would probably have encouraged Amazon to build the campus in the city and create 25,000 jobs. Heaven forbid.

From The Gateway Pundit

Donald Trump Jr. is reportedly weighing a run against Bill de Blasio to become New York City’s next mayor.

According to a report from Page Six, “drums are beating that Donald Jr. would like to run for mayor.”

“We are not talking some parched sod in Iowa, where the corn is as high as a Democrat’s eye. Kiddies, mother is saying friends are saying he is saying he’d like to run for mayor of New York City,” the gossip column’s report asserted.

Trump Jr. is wildly popular among the president’s base.

Earlier this month, de Blasio announced that he will be running for president in the Democratic primary. He was the 24th candidate to announce.

President Trump ripped de Blasio as the ‘worst mayor’ in the United States in a video following his announcement that he is running for president.

In a tweet prior to his official announcement, President Trump said that “the Dems are getting another beauty to join their group. Bill de Blasio of NYC, considered the worst mayor in the U.S., will supposedly be making an announcement for president today. He is a JOKE, but if you like high taxes & crime, he’s your man. NYC HATES HIM!”

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Ilhan Omar Promotes Al Jazeera the Day After They Release Anti-Semitic Video

Ilhan Omar of the House Caucus endorsed Al Jazeera the day after they released the Anti-Semitic video calling the Holocaust into question. The video actually claims that the Holocaust was beneficial to Jews and that 6 million dead is a made up number. Al Jazeera is owned by the Qatar royal family, who sponsors terrorism in the Middle East. The video was titled “The gas chambers killed millions of Jews … So the story says. How true is the #Holocaust and how did the Zionists benefit from it?”  

Ilhan Omar AJ+ / Screenshot

Ilhan Omar AJ+ / Screenshot

From The Daily Caller

Omar’s spokesman Jeremy Slevin did not respond to a request from The Daily Caller News Foundation asking about what steps, if any, Omar took to “call out hate and bigotry” in regards to the Holocaust video.

AJ+ is a youth brand of Al Jazeera. Al Jazeera issued a statement on May 19 saying that “Dr. Yaser Bishr, Executive Director of Digital Division, stated that Al Jazeera completely disowns the offensive content in question and reiterated that Al Jazeera would not tolerate such material on any of the Network’s platforms. In an email to staff he also called for the mandatory bias training and awareness program.” It said two journalists would be disciplined.

Despite the apology, Al Jazeera was apparently trying to keep westerners from finding outthe contents of the video it published — with an assist by Twitter. The social media platform subsequently blocked English translations of the video, displaying only a grey box that says that “the media has been disabled in response to a report by the copyright owner.”

My book is here!  And I personally handed a copy to our President at the White House!!! I hope you enjoy it @realDonaldTrump!

BOOK – Why I Couldn’t Stay Silent

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