Gee, I don’t believe it. Massive voter fraud among illegal aliens? But Chuck and Nancy have sworn it doesn’t even exist. The operation of the forged-document factory was based in Woodburn, Oregon a town of around 24,000 near Portland. The feds say that the operation created over 10,000 fake documents. The Department of Homeland Security has been investigating the fraud ring for some time and finally had enough evidence to make the arrests. Not only did this ring make it possible for illegals to vote, but the forged documents also allowed illegal aliens to tap into our welfare system.

From The DC Patriot

A forgery operation of a massive scale has been busted by federal agents in Oregon. An illegal immigrant running the operation created over 10,000 fake ID’s authorities say.

“The fraud ring operated in Woodburn for more than a decade and produced over 10,000 fraudulent documents that they distributed in Woodburn or mailed to customers around the United States,” U.S. Attorney Billy Williams and Assistant U.S. Attorney Peter Sax said in the plea agreement

The operation located in an apartment in a primarily Hispanic town in Oregon had a lab that was churning out thousands of fake Social Security cards, drivers’ licenses, and immigration documents that were sold around the United States for years.


Revealed for the first time last week in a federal court document that showed the syndicate based in Oxaca, Mexico, operated the forged-document factory in Woodburn, Oregon a town of around 24,000 near Portland.

Employers included farms, nurseries, and wineries, who routinely employ people who are in the United States illegally. However they produce Social Security cards or a work visa. Farmers and Agriculture companies say it’s not their responsibility and they lack the expertise to spot fake documents.

The group had been under investigation by Homeland Security for quite some time and were referred as a “Fraud Doc Ring.”

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