Former DNC Deputy Press Secretary Jose Aristimuno was called out by Fox News host Tucker Carlson over his nutty advocacy for illegal immigrants.

Carlson got so miffed with Aristimuno’s political talking points rhetoric he told him that he was “speaking a lie, and it’s not the first time.” Later, Carlson accused Aristimuno of “lying for political gain.”

Carlson went on, calling him a “ridiculous person,” and in response to Aristimuno continually repeating the same mantra that we only having two choices to either deport or legalize 14 million illegal aliens, Carlson said, “It’s just another stupid political talking point from a stupid person.”

“It’s hilarious that that solution comports exactly with your political goal, which is to create more Democratic voters,” Carlson said in response to Aristimuno stating that illegal immigrants without criminal records should be legalized.

Aristimuno responded saying, “So your answer and many Republicans’ answer is to deport the 14 million illegal immigrants in the country.”

Why not deport them all?  The liberals thought they could force 318 million Americans onto Obamacare, and they want a federal gun registration for over 300 million guns, so why wouldn’t we be able to deport only 14 million people who do not belong in this country, and who cause so many problems for us?  If we could find 300 million guns and their gun owners among one-third of the American population it shouldn’t be too difficult to find 14 million illegals, right?

E-Verify would handle the illegal alien situation almost overnight, but no one in the D.C. swamp wants to talk about that.  If illegals couldn’t get jobs here most would self-deport, but people like Aristimuno and the Democratic Party want to increase their voter base, while business advocates like the Koch brothers and the Chamber of Commerce want to continue having access to cheap labor at the expense of American workers.  Meanwhile, American citizens continue to get the shaft, and people like Aristimuno ignore it.

Aristimuno did what all illegal alien apologists do.  He started out by saying that MS-13 gang members need to be arrested and deported, but then blurred the lines of anyone actually being an MS-13 gang member, while insinuating that Carlson and Republicans accuse every illegal alien of being a gang member, which is absurd on the face of it.  Liberals do this, starting off saying something agreeable, so that they can later on claim that they said it. Meanwhile, the rest of their argument goes completely counter to what they originally stated.  It’s an old liberal trick to win an argument, but this wasn’t Carlson’s first rodeo.




Carlson finally ended the interview, because he couldn’t take the stupidity of Aristimuno’s argument anymore.

“This is just another stupid political talking point from a stupid person… I don’t have time for conversations with people who don’t know what they are talking about and haven’t thought it through and want to come on and spew more talking points and call anyone who disagrees, a racist. Which is what you did in the very first sentence of this segment. Thank you. You are pathetic.”



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