In 2014, Obama made a regulation that all money paid by Medicare and Medicaid be paid through either unions or insurance companies, who then skim part of the money off before sending the balance to the people actually doing the work. That created billions of dollars for the unions, part of which they kicked back to the Democrats as campaign contributions.

Now, President Trump is looking to reverse that policy so that healthcare workers get to keep all the money they’ve earned. The SEIU is trying to make the point that Trump is trying to harm the workers by letting them keep their own money. They claim it prevents them from joining the union (a blatant lie). They could still join if they want to, but the decision  would be theirs alone to make.

“The proposed rule targets these home care workers and is designed to stop them from contributing their own wages to support their union in the same way that teachers, police and firefighters do. This proposal is a transparent attempt to interfere with workers’ freedom to choose to join together in a union and advocate for higher wages, better training, and basic benefits like affordable healthcare and paid sick time that are crucial to ensure quality home care for our parents, grandparents and children.”

Medicare and Medicaid payments are not negotiated. Many of these caregivers are family and the money they receive is to make up for not being able to work at a regular job. President Trump’s new initiative would benefit these workers by letting them keep their entire checks and not fund the DNC.

From The Daily Caller

The practice has netted unions billions of dollars from public-sector home healthcare workers forced to pay union dues or “agency fees” equivalent to 85 percent of a dues payment to cover the cost of representation for non-members.

“It is very heartening to see this administration taking the first practical steps to stop states and unions from deducting money from the Medicaid checks of home caregivers serving our society’s disabled and elderly,” Nelson told The Daily Caller News Foundation in a statement. “This illegal and exploitive practice has victimized hundreds of thousands of caregivers. It has only been allowed to persist because it generated significant funds for a politically-connected special interest group.”

The Supreme Court ruled in June that “agency fees” violated public-sector employees’ right to free speech for forcing them to subsidize government lobbying, in the form of union representatives negotiating with government officials, that they did not agree with. 

Let the SEIU find another cash cow  (but, that will probably have to wait until the next Democratic president).


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