Before the election, president Trump had issued an order to release pertinent documents on the Russia investigation, only to rescind it a couple of days later. At the time, Trump said foreign allies asked him to withhold the documents, but more likely, he didn’t want to do it before the midterms. First, he fired Sessions and then he reopened the question of releasing the documents. He is working with a limited time frame of about two months. The new Democratic majority will not request the documents without redactions, so he must do it before they take over.

From The Daily Caller

President Trump is “very seriously” considering whether to declassify a slew of FBI and Justice Department records related to the Russia investigation, he said Wednesday. That controversial proposal, which Trump has toyed with for months, may have a backer in Matthew Whitaker, the acting attorney general.

“Declassification, we’re looking at very seriously,” Trump told reporters in a press conference on Wednesday, just before Attorney General Jeff Sessions was forced to resign.

Whitaker, who served as Sessions’ chief of staff, will take over as acting attorney general. In that role, he will oversee the special counsel’s investigation into Trump associates’ links to Russia. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein had directed the investigation because Sessions recused himself due to contacts he had with Russians while working on the Trump campaign.

According to Fox News’s Catherine Herridge, Whitaker has worked quietly behind the scenes in support of the push to declassify the Russia documents.

With Whitaker handling the release of the documents and not Rosenstein, there is an excellent chance that we will soon know what really happened and just how deeply Obama was involved.

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