On Monday, President Trump ordered several key documents related to the FBI’s probe of Russian interference during the 2016 presidential election to be declassified.  This includes 21 pages of a FISA warrant application for renewed surveillance against former campaign aide Carter Page, and text messages from fired and disgraced former FBI agent Peter Strzok and fired and disgraced former FBI attorney Lisa Page.

It has been said that those 21 pages will make heads roll, which is why Rosenstein refused to release them.  The text messages are allegedly among the worst so far.

According to White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders, Trump ordered the documents to be released by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence and the Justice Department “at the request of a number of committees of Congress, and for reasons of transparency.”

The documents in question to be declassified include all FBI reports on interviews with Department of Justice (DOJ) official Bruce Ohr and all FBI reports of interviews connected to all other applications to surveil Carter Page.

The president also ordered the DOJ to release text messages from a number of key officials in the Russia investigation, and “without redaction,” including Ohr, Strzok, Page, fired and disgraced former FBI director James Comey and fired and disgraced former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe.

House Republicans have again and again requested more information about Ohr’s contacts with the former British spy Christopher Steel, who compiled the dossier that was used to get the FISA warrant on Carter Page.  Those involved ultimately used that FISA warrant to get the government coup conspirators into the secretive FISA system, so that they could apply the full weight of the federal government against Trump secretively.

A source said that the Justice Department is working on a “compressed timeline” it is expected that the first release of records will be in days or sooner. The text messages are expected to take longer because of the sheer volume involved and the fact that Trump ordered their release without redactions.

From Fox News:

Congressional sources told Fox News that House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes, R-Calif., does not know how soon he will get the documents, but said Trump’s order covers “pretty much everything that he wanted … and the text messages are a bonus.”

According to the sources, Nunes added: “Wow! This is a direct order.”

House Intelligence Committee ranking member Adam Schiff, (D-CA), called Trump’s decision “a clear abuse of power.”

“[Trump] has decided to intervene in a pending law enforcement investigation by ordering the selective release of materials he believes are helpful to his defense team and thinks will advance a false narrative,” Schiff said. “With respect to some of these materials, I have been previously informed by the FBI and Justice Department that they would consider their release a red line that must not be crossed as they may compromise sources and methods.

“This is evidently of no consequence to a President who cares about nothing about the country and everything about his narrow self-interest,” Schiff added.

Adam Schiff apparently doesn’t know that the president has the Constitutional authority to do what he is doing.  How is being openly transparent with government documents an abuse of power or in the president’s self-interest?  What a pinhead.

Rep. Mark Meadows, (R-NC), who heads up the conservative House Freedom Caucus, praised the president’s order to declassify the documents.

“As Congress has investigated, we’ve continued to see more and more troubling evidence suggesting multiple senior level FBI and DOJ officials acted in a deeply unethical fashion during the 2016 campaign and throughout the early stages of the Trump administration,” Meadows said. “Enough is enough–the time for full transparency is now. Let’s bring the full truth to light, while protecting sources and methods, and allow the American people to judge for themselves.”

Trey Gowdy (R-SC), the House Oversight Committee Chairman , last week said that it would be “beneficial” for Americans to see those documents.

Rod Rosenstein has stalled the congressional oversight committees for over a year holding up the turning over of documents they have requested.  He has stalled them so much they now refer to it as “Steinwalling.” Even when he finally turns over requested documents they are usually redacted for as he says, “national security,” but it turns out it’s usually to cover up information that would be embarrassing to either himself or his BFFs who were involved in the attempted government coup against Trump.  Members of the committees believe Rosenstein has been stalling to wait for the midterm elections in the hope that the Democrats win back a majority in the House, so that they can sweep all of the Obama Justice Department corruption under a rug.

It should be an explosive few days when those documents are released.  Grab some popcorn and watch Fox News for updates, because the fake news networks like CNN and MSNBC will not cover the stories.

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