Four illegal aliens (wonderful people to whom the Democrats often refer as being “America’s best and brightest”) are accused of kidnapping two sisters ages 13 and 14 and taking them to a hotel, where the girls were gang-raped until they managed to escape. One of the men is 24-year-old illegal alien Simon Juan Thomas from Guatemala, who is in police custody on $50,000 bail. The other three are the subjects of a nationwide manhunt. They are suspected of leaving the area of Bowling Green, Ohio where the rapes took place. Of course, Maxine Waters has wasted no time putting the blame for the rapes on President Trump, and is again calling for his impeachment. (Just kidding!)

From Breitbart News

The three illegal aliens wanted are:

  • David Ramos Contreras
  • Arnulfo Ramos
  • Juan Adiel

Police say 27-year-old Contreras is from Mexico, while Adiel had been using a fake ID that claimed he was a legal resident of Fellsmere, Florida. All four illegal aliens were using fake IDs, according to police.

Police are asking the public to focus on the photos of each illegal alien, rather than their names, as they are unclear whether these names are real or fake.

Two of the illegal aliens allegedly worked as drywallers while the other worked at Greenline Foods in Bowling Green.

Police are advising anyone with information on the whereabouts of the men are to contact the Bowling Green Police Division at 419-352-1131, Wood County CrimeStoppers at 1-800-54-CRIME, or a local law enforcement agency.

The Democrats are fighting to the death to open the borders so that we don’t miss out on having four such fine men who are “the best and brightest” that we have to offer. What will it take to get the Democrats to say “enough is enough” and side with Americans that want to keep thier family’s safe?


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