The thirteen-city multinational tour of Bill and Hillary Clinton is turning out to be a gigantic fizzle, with a whole lot of empty seats plaguing the events and tickets selling for as little as $6 moments before the event.  Pretty soon they’ll wind up giving them away just so that they can feel relevant again.

Unlike James Comey who wrote a book to gain favor with the public as he was being investigated for wrong-doing, the Clintons are doing this whatever-you-would-call-it publicity stunt because they know they’re about to go down for all the criminal activities in their Clinton Foundation.  Why else would these two be lowering themselves to speaking with common people?  They don’t need the money, as they have allegedly stolen, laundered, and scammed enough to live happily ever after.

Tickets are said to be plummeting from their initial price of $75-100 after the announcement of the Clinton’s “World Tour,” with Democrats and supporters deciding to give it a pass.

From The Daily Wire:

There are a few likely reasons for the Clinton downturn: for starters, they’re overexposed. The Clintons have been a fixture of the political landscape for the last decade, and there are few new stories they can tell audiences. Also, unlike Michelle Obama, who has been getting very raw and personal in her speeches, the Clintons don’t take even calculated risks. Their stage shows — like their campaigns and their paid speeches — are heavily edited and focus-grouped, designed to reveal only what the Clintons want audiences to see.

There’s also the danger that both Clintons are slowly passing out of favor. Hillary Clinton is desperate to be included in the slate of 2020 Democratic presidential candidates, according to The New York Times’ Maureen Dowd, and her “consigliere” is desperately shopping her name to enterprising reporters. Bill Clinton is out of touch in the #MeToo era, particularly given that his preferred prey, former White House intern Monica Lewinsky, is now speaking out on her experiences with the former president.

It’s not likely that the Clintons will ever be brought to justice for the many crimes they have committed over their career in politics, but as Dan Bongino recently noted, at least the American people will have cosmic justice, in that at least we all know that they are guilty of serious crimes, and even though political figures like the Clintons and the rest of the Obama administration officials who were involved in the 2016 government coup attempt and other Clinton adventures, at least we know they will be stopped at the pearly gates, refused entry, and be given a ticket the other way.

SOURCE: Hannity

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