If you ever walk by a Starbucks, you may want to change your usual path to avoid being run down by the hordes of new applicants wanting to take advantage of their new health plan. The new plan covers surgery to turn men into women and women into men. Their health insurance will now cover sex reassignment surgery. So to many people, working at Starbucks has huge benefits.

It will also now include breast reduction surgery and augmentation. It will also include procedures that aren’t normally covered because they are considered cosmetic. I wonder what portion of Starbucks’ employees pay, and if the straight employees will have to pay extra for their policies that now include things they could never or would never use.

From Wayne Dupree

Source: Pink News

Starbucks has announced plans to offer comprehensive care for transgender employees, covering several procedures that are usually excluded by insurers.

In the new plan announced on Monday, Starbucks said that in addition to covering bottom surgery, they will now cover all other medical steps in a person’s transition.

This will cover several other procedures that were previously considered cosmetic – which can often be hard to obtain as insurers typically refuse to cover them.

The international coffee chain will now cover procedures including top surgeries in the form of breast reduction or augmentation, hair removal or transplants and facial feminisation surgery.

As well as covering all gender-confirming surgeries, the coffee chain will also help trans employees find appropriate doctors and healthcare providers.


I wish I still went to Starbucks so I could boycott them.


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