Government Accountability Institute put out a book on voter fraud, named “How the Left Plans to Steal the Next Election.” George Soros didn’t like that, so he set about using the organizations he funds to go to war against Eric Eggars, of the same investigative team that brought us Clinton Cash. Eli Rosenberg of the WaPo, a Jeff Bezos-funded hate group.

The first “expert” he cites is  Maine Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap. What he doesn’t tell the readers is that Dunlap served on the voter fraud commission but was accused of leaking to the press, sometimes within an hour, and that Kris Kobach and J. Christian Adams, who were also on the commission, accused Dunlap of trying to sabotage the committee. The second “expert” is the Brennan Center.

The Brennan Center is often used by the Post to deliver what’s portrayed as a nonpartisan expert opinion which just so happens to always cut against evidence of voter fraud. I actually have an entire chapter on The Brennan Center in my book. The organization is so left-wing that it thinks 49 states, including California and New York, have voter requirements that are too restrictive!

But to understand where the Brennan Center comes from, you have to see who funds them. George Soros gives them millions every year, including $3 million in 2016. George Soros does not contribute to any nonpartisan groups. He does give to all three major ideologies…the Left, the Far Left, and the Bizzaro World Left.

From Breitbart News

But as I point out in my book, the story of voter fraud is not just academic studies, but hundreds of cases across the country, exposed by lawyers on the ground and local media outlets.

Only by looking there can you discover the story of the “granny farmer” who preys on senior citizens’ absentee ballots and was caught with notebooks detailing the systemic payments and targeting of vulnerable voters.

Or the story of of the undercover New York investigators who successfully impersonated illegal voters 61 out of 63 times, stifled only when the mother of the felon the investigator was impersonating was working the polling place.

Or the fact that non-citizens and felons are the ones repeatedly victimized by the vulnerabilities the left fights to keep in place, where well intentioned immigrants accidentally violate the law by registering and voting, imperiling their ability to become citizens or even stay in the country.

So, given a choice between “experts” and actual facts, I go with the facts every time.

A personal message from David…

”Have you ever researched who George Soros is on your own? Have you gone to YouTube, typed in his name, and actually watched some videos that have to do with how he has toppled governments and made fortunes off of crippling entire countries? The fact that he is openly meddling in US politics is disturbing. If Americans knew his past and understood the kind of man he is, and then realized that he is on the Progressive Left fighting alongside the Democrats, I think more good-hearted Americans would #WalkAway

Please share this article.”

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