Jussie Smollett is between a rock and a hard place, especially after a possible motive for the hoax attack was revealed. A threatening letter with white powder and a note made from letters cut from a magazine. Two of the items seized by police from the brother’s apartment were a book of stamps and a magazine. Smollett was upset that the letter did not get the attention that he thought it should receive. A week later, the fake attack on Smollett occurred. Mighty convenient. I personally believe that it’s possible that the letter was also a hoax perpetrated by Smollett. I have no evidence, just a gut feeling. Curiously, Smollett did not show up for his interview with the police today.

From The Daily Caller

The “Empire” actor received a letter on Jan. 22 that contained a white powder substance. It was sent to the Chicago’s Cinespace Studios. HAZMAT was called out and the substance was letter identified to be aspirin. The note reportedly contained letters that were cut from magazines to form words. A magazine and book of stamps were just a few of the items retrieved last week from the home of two brothers, who were arrested.

It comes on the heels of a report that the 36-year-old actor would not be meeting with law enforcement for a “follow-up interview” Monday, following the arrest and release of the two potential suspects in connection with the case. They reportedly are acquaintances of Smollett.

A FOX reporter also tweeted that Smollett has hired a “Chicago based crisis managementconsultant.”

“#JussieSmollett lawyers have hired #Chicago based crisis management consultant Anne Kavanagh. I’m told she was also hired by former @Chicago_Police officer Jason Van Dyke who killed Laquan McDonald,” Rafer Weigel wrote.

This is getting real interesting, real fast.

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