When Jeff Sessions appointed U.S. Attorney John Huber, there was a collective groan throughout the conservative world. Why would you pick a Democrat to investigate Democrats? Or in this case, not investigate Democrats? As it turns out, Huber has not even questioned Bruce Ohr. I wonder who else he hasn’t questioned. Comey? McCabe? Rosenstein? Has he in fact questioned anyone? We may never know. Sessions couldn’t have picked anyone farther from Washington, where all the witnesses are. I honestly believe that this was Sessions’ way to kill the investigation altogether. Why else would he pick an Obama nominee?

From The Gateway Pundit

Investigative reporter John Solomon also revealed Tuesday that Robert Mueller hasn’t interviewed Bruce Ohr either.

Bruce Ohr arrived at Capitol Hill Tuesday morning for a closed-door grilling from House Oversight and House Judiciary members over his contacts with dossier author Christopher Steele.

GOP lawmakers said Tuesday afternoon that Bruce Ohr was being cooperative and answering questions at the closed-door deposition.

Bruce Ohr, former FBI lawyer Lisa Page and Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson may be called back to testify together to iron out the discrepancies in their testimonies.

What exactly is Mueller and Huber doing if they are not questioning key players like Bruce Ohr??


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