The evidence keeps increasing that Barack Obama had an active role in spying on the Trump campaign and interfered in the 2016 presidential election. It has come to light that Cambridge professor, Stefan Halper was hired right after Trump closed within one point of Hillary, suggesting the move was political rather that national security related. Also, in one of the Strzok/Page texts Strzok told about a meeting in London and how someone, whose name has been redacted said that the president (Obama) was leading the investigation. We also know that the entire government was weaponized to stop Trump.

Sen David Perdue visited Maria Bartiroma on her news program and discussed the issue.

Here is a partial transcript of that conversation:

BARTIROMO: He can’t form his government. That is outrageous. He’s got all of this pushback in terms of spying, in terms of what went on at the top of the FBI and the DOJ during the election. I mean it’s quite extraordinary the barriers that the past administration has put up for President Trump.

PERDUE: It’s unprecedented. This president’s been calling it out for over a year. We’ve all been distracted by the Mueller investigation. Now it’s time to get at the real truth. There’s no collusion between this president and Russia. That’s going to come out. But what’s going to come out is that the Obama administration really did interfere with that election.

BARTIROMO: It appears so. That’s what we’re learning. Is there going to be justice you think ?

PERDUE: We hope so. That is what America is all about free and open information. It’s what the people demand. Hopefully we’ll get that in this case.

BARTIROMO: These are extraordinary times.

PERDUE: Extraordinary, it’s outrageous actually. It threatens our republic actually. If we can’t have the peaceful transfer of power, what good is our republic? That’s what’s so threatening about this resist Trump movement. Look this president is no choir boy. I’ve said that but his instincts are right. We are moving in the right direction.


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