For those of you who have been impatient or doubtful of justice in this country, Sean Hannity has some extremely good news for you, although the details won’t be known for a bit yet because the investigation is being handled professionally and with no leaks from the prosecution. Many indictments have been secured but not served yet until the grand juries complete all of their work. The indictments are on the Clinton Foundation, Uranium One and FISA abuse. We found out this week that the CFO of the Clinton Foundation has turned state’s evidence and he holds the keys to the kingdom and if true, Bill Clinton figures prominently into the equation.

From The Gateway Pundit

On Tuesday Sean Hannity invited journalists Sarah Carter and John Solomon and attorney Gregg Jarrett on to discuss the recent developments in the Washington DC swamp.

At the end of the segment Sean Hannity delivered some much-needed good news to Trump supporters.

Towards the end of the segment Sarah Carter said there were, “Lots of sealed documents, Sean. Lots of sealed indictments,” about to drop.

Sean Hannity: I know that everybody’s frustrated because this has only been a one-sided investigation, on all things Trump. But, and I think you will all confirm with me is that my sources tell me that all of this is coming out, from the dossier, the FISA abuse to the Uranium One deal.  All agree?…  I have very good sources.  You guys do too.

They better act quick. The deep state vultures is circling the president.
Trump administration officials better act quick.

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