Rosie O’Donnell, best known as the only woman to be fired from the View twice is making the claim that President Trump is having an affair with a woman working in the White House. Of course, she offers no proof or even a hint of one. That’s a pretty bold prediction coming from a woman having an affair with a broom handle. The mop and the turkey baster are her beards. The woman Rosie says Trump is having an affair with is Hope Hicks and O’Donnell says the two men Hicks has dated publicly, Corey Lewandowski and Rob Porter are Trump’s beard.

O’Donnell, whose career died years ago has plenty of time on her hands to come up with conspiracy theories, especially after her adopted daughter refuses to have anything to do with her and comedy bookings are as rare as unicorn sightings. So she sits around and tries to pretend she still has relevance.


From The Conservative Tribune

Hicks has worked closely with the president’s daughter Ivanka as part of her business team before being given larger responsibility in the Trump organization, and then with the presidential campaign and the current administration.

“Corey and Porter” in O’Donnell’s tweet refer to Corey Lewandowski and Rob Porter. Outlets including Business Insider have reported that Hicks dated those two Trump team members at different times in the past.

Welcome to modern feminism: It couldn’t possibly be that Hope Hicks is smart, ambitious, and good at her job. In the mind of a leftist like O’Donnell, the onlym explanation for a woman advancing in Washington is because she’s having an affair with the president, who — in Rosie World — also happens to be her abuser.

It’s not the first accusation of an affair by a deranged liberal. Michael Wolff accused Trump of having an affair and that set off speculation that Nikki Haley and Trump were having an affair. Haley categorically denied that she was having an affair with the president and Wolff claimed that denial was proof she was having an affair with Trump. Someone should ask Wolff if it’s true that he goes to playgrounds and hands out candy and free puppies. If he denies it, it must be true.

Meanwhile, Rosie sits at home and slowly sinks into obscurity.


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