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Rod Rosenstein Is The Linchpin Of Swamp Corruption

However bad you thought the Deep State was, it’s much, much worse.  As corrupt and crooked and completely rogue as you thought the federal DOJ was, it’s so much worse.

Donald Trump, and very few others, are the only people who see how out of control the corrupt Deep State has gotten, and it would take an army of Trumps to cure the festering disease that is the D.C. swamp.  It touches every facet of Washington, from the DOJ and FBI, to the intelligence community, the State Department, and even the Congress.

Rod Rosenstein is the linchpin of swamp corruption, who to this day continues efforts to mislead the American people, to obfuscate investigations, to Steinwall reports and evidence being delivered to oversight committees that would shed sunlight on the level of corruption that took place during the 2016 presidential election and beyond, which could ultimately lead to the discovery of decades of corruption that the country was unaware.

From Breitbart:

Geeky and bespectacled, he is the cancer that even America’s Founders could not imagine when they crafted a set of checks and balances designed to temper even the most monstrous of human nature.

Mr. Rosenstein, one of the most powerful men in the Department of Justice, threatened to investigate members of Congress and their staff if Congress continued to fulfill its constitutional responsibility to oversee the increasingly rogue federal department.

Move over J. Edgar Hoover. Rod Rosenstein has officially taken your place as the most power-drunk, nefarious, crooked blight on justice to ever preside in the Department of “justice.”

The popularity of Congress may be in the toilet, but self-dealing rogue prosecutors with unlimited power to punish political opponents and put people in jail are so far down the toilet they are fertilizing daisies in Denmark.

Here’s how bad it is.  A DOJ official sent a statement to Fox News declaring that Rosenstein did not threaten Congress, but the nature of his statement, when placed side by side with the Constitution, is an admission that Rosenstein did, in fact, threaten the Congress.

“The Deputy Attorney General was making the point — after being threatened with contempt — that as an American citizen charged with the offense of contempt of Congress, he would have the right to defend himself, including requesting production of relevant emails and text messages and calling them as witnesses to demonstrate that their allegations are false,” the official said.

The Congress created the DOJ and has oversight authority over it.  This gives the Congress the authority to request documents, and if the man in charge at Justice refuses to comply, the Congress has the power to find him in contempt of Congress and to impeach him and remove him from office.

After admitting Rosenstein threatened Congress for performing oversight duties over his department, the DOJ official went on to repeat that the threat remains.  In essence, the official used his denial of Rosenstein threats as a threat!

“That is why he put them on notice to retain relevant emails and text messages and he hopes they did so,” the official’s statement said.

And that’s the whole problem with corrupt people at the DOJ.  The man is admitting that Rosenstein tried to use the fear of the substantial powers of his office to get the Congress to stop investigating his department.  He doesn’t have the authority the tell the Congress, a completely different branch of government, which has oversight over him and his department, to stop doing their jobs.

Is this DOJ official for real?  It takes a special kind of gall to make a statement like that.  He is either as corrupt as Rosenstein or as ignorant as a CNN reporter.  How can he be a DOJ official and not know that everything the Congress has done so far is Constitutionally authorized, and that Rosenstein, who is known for having a hotheaded temper, is breaking the law by threatening the Congress for doing their Constitutional duty?

This is the kind of “alternate universe” stuff that makes normal Americans quake in rage as they watch the rule of law be mocked by such despicable people.

Former Attorney General Eric Holder, another slimeball from the Obama administration, was a progressive ideological zealot and a political thug, who tried to grab as much power for the president for whom he worked.  Holder was never elected anything, but he was working for a guy who did get elected twice.

Rosenstein is a thousand times worse and so much more dangerous. He never got elected to anything — and he is blatantly giving the middle finger to anyone elected by the people to oversee him and his increasingly lawless department.

This man literally believes he is above the law and untouchable.  And right now, thanks to the utterly worthless Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Rosenstein is answerable to no one. Legal accountability is for suckers. Screw the American public.

Regardless of what the swamp says, what the Congress is doing is not partisan behavior that goes on all the time.  They have a legitimate Constitutional role to investigate a legitimate Constitutional crisis.

Don’t forget that Rod Rosenstein signed off on the FISA warrant to spy on the Trump campaign, and he also did not advise the court – a felony – that the main piece of “corroborating evidence” for the warrant was bought and paid for by Hillary Clinton and the DNC.  For that reason alone he should have been fired.

I call him the linchpin of swamp corruption, because he has been the force that created the Mueller investigation, and it was based on his own maneuvering, and done to run interference of any investigation into the corruption of his department during the election.  Don’t forget that Rosenstein wrote a letter recommending that the president fire FBI Director James Comey.  President Trump then fired James Comey, and Rosenstein then appointed Robert Mueller as Special Counsel, because Trump fired James Comey.

Another little known fact is on May 16, 2017, Rod Rosenstein escorted Robert Mueller through the White House to interview for the FBI director position.  Mueller had the job in the past, and Rosenstein wanted him there again, presumably to block any and all attempts at investigating the DOJ and FBI’s corruptions during the 2016 election.  Mueller failed the interview, because Trump didn’t want someone from the Bush era in the position, he wanted someone new.  So, the very next day, on May 17, 2017 Rosenstein appointed Robert Mueller as the Special Counsel to investigate Trump-Russia collusion.  Rosenstein didn’t see any conflicts of interest in appointing the same man, who a day earlier was shot down for a job, as the investigator against the same man who shot him down.

On the current issue, Congress is 100 percent in the right and Rod Rosenstein is 100 percent in the wrong, and anyone who comes forward to try to explain away Rosenstein’s illegal behavior is also 100 percent in the wrong.

Rosenstein should be impeached and removed from his position, and then investigated for criminal conduct as Deputy Attorney General.



Lying Leaker James Comey Gives Advice Against ‘Loose Talk’ About 2016 Election, Worries It Will Harm The FBI

Fired and disgraced former FBI director James Comey warned America on Friday that any “loose talk” about the 2016 election could potentially demoralize FBI agents across the country.

This is the same man who admitted under oath to LEAKING classified material to a professor friend, a felony.  Comey ruined the reputation of the once-great law enforcement agency, and he has the audacity to give advice?  It is said that a large majority of exceptional lower ranking agents despise Comey for what he has done to the bureau.

“Investigate whatever you wish about 2016 but don’t forget the people of the FBI must investigate and stop Russian efforts in the 2020 election. What impact will loose talk about ‘spying’ and disgraceful talk about ‘treason’ have on FBI agents and analysts?” posted Comey on social media.

President Trump gave the go-ahead to Attorney General (AG) William Barr on Thursday night to investigate American intelligence agencies to get to the bottom of whether or not they acted inappropriately while spying on the trump campaign during the 2016 presidential election.

“President Donald Trump on Thursday granted Attorney General William Barr new powers to review and potentially release classified information related to the origins of the Russia investigation, a move aimed at accelerating Barr’s inquiry into whether U.S. officials improperly surveilled Trump’s 2016 campaign,” reported the Associated Press.

“Trump directed the intelligence community to ‘quickly and fully cooperate’ with Barr’s probe. The directive marked an escalation in Trump’s efforts to ‘investigate the investigators,’ as he continues to try to undermine the findings of special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe amid mounting Democratic calls for impeachment proceedings,” the article added.

Barr recently announced the appointment of a US attorney John Durham of Connecticut to investigate how the spying on the Trump campaign began.

AG Barr questioned the DOJ’s use of the so-called “Steele Dossier” to apply for a FISA warrant, and then three subsequent extensions of FISA warrants, against the Trump campaign, saying the document has a “number of clear mistakes.”  Barr was being generous.

“It’s a very unusual situation to have opposition research like that, especially one that on its face had a number of clear mistakes and a somewhat jejune analysis,” Barr told Fox News’ Bill Hemmer.

“And to use that to conduct counterintelligence against an American political campaign is a strange  would be strange development,” he added.

The high-ranking Obama DOJ, FBI and intelligence community people involved in our country’s first attempted government coup should be quaking in their shoes right about now, because they did things never done before, and they thought no one would ever find out about it, because they believed their efforts would ensure Hillary Clinton would win.  Then, when Trump won, they moved to plan B, which was the so-called “insurance policy” of attacking Trump for Russian collusion to cover up the Obama spying efforts.

James Comey is probably calling wardrobe about now because he’s supposedly one of the first ones going down, which is why he’s still stupidly running his mouth.

No matter what, the next few months will be delicious politics for those who care about the country and want to save the republic.

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BOOK – Why I Couldn't Stay Silent

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Democrats Subpoena Financial Records of Trump Jr’s Four Year Old Daughter

The Democrats are out of their frigging minds. They now want to see the financial records of Don Jr’s four year old daughter. Don Jr says they want all kinds of records from Barron Trump also. Are they checking to see if Don Jr’s daughter bought four pieces of penny candy with laundered money? Is there no end to this lunacy? Perhaps it’s time that President Trump and AG Bill Barr start playing the Democrats’ game. Barr could have federal marshals pull in Adam Schiff and question him about the voluminous evidence of collusion he claimed to have for four years, and haul Nancy Pelosi in and subpoena her records and the records of her husband on their Visa scam.

From The Daily Caller

Host Brian Kilmeade posed the question, noting that Trump Jr. — who has at least partially tried to remove himself from the political arena — was facing inquiries into his personal and business finances.

“Don, when you look at everything you accomplished, regardless of that, they’re coming after your business, that is what you’re running,” he said. “How has it affected your business, the Trump Organization in particular? What about your finances?”

“That is reality,” Trump Jr. responded, claiming that recent subpoenas called for not only his financial records but those of other family members as well. “They will go after everything. In the recent subpoena, anyone, any relative — Chloe, my 4-year-old daughter, they want to subpoena her records. I mean, that’s part of the scope. Barron Trump, obviously he’s been doing a lot of stuff they want to subpoena. There’s no reasonableness to this.”

“If you talk about Joe Biden who says ‘China is not a threat’ because his son takes $1.5 billion into his hedge fund from the Chinese government, that is not a problem,” he argued. “Come on, guys. This is not an equal playing field. I mean, they don’t even pretend that these things are problems. That’s scary.”

Have you gotten your copy of my book? I personally handed a copy to our President at the White House!!! I hope you enjoy it @realDonaldTrump!

BOOK – Why I Couldn’t Stay Silent

Thank you @RealCandaceO for writing the foreword for it!!! #BLEXIT #Woke#WeTheFree #WalkAway

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Democrats Decide Using a Gun to Commit Crimes Not Enough to Deport Illegal Aliens

Once again, the Democrats demonstrate how little they think of American citizens. The Republicans tried to add an amendment that would make any illegal who violates gun laws be deported immediately. But the same party that wants to confiscate guns from law-abiding citizens and toss them into jail showed their preference for illegal aliens once again by killing the amendment. That party can walk under a pregnant cockroach without stooping. If the American people ever wake up, they will become extinct. Then maybe they can all run for office in Honduras, where they actually like their constituents.

From Breitbart News

House Democrats voted down an amendment Wednesday to prevent gun offenders from getting amnesty status under the DREAM Act.

The amendment was put forward by Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL).

Gaetz tweeted, “Democrats voted down my amendment to prevent gun offenders from receiving amnesty status under the DREAM Act.” He noted the irony, “Democrats vote to give green cards to illegal immigrants who commit gun crimes, while they try to restrict American citizens’ right to bear arms.”

This refusal to block gun offenders from amnesty status is in line with other security measures the Democrats have rejected since taken control of the House. On February 18, 2019, Breitbart News reported rejected a Republican proposal to alert U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) if an illegal alien is discovered via a background check for a firearm.

Ironically, they rejected the proposal to alert ICE during their push to criminalize private gun sales for Americans via universal background checks.

Have you gotten your copy of my book? I personally handed a copy to our President at the White House!!! I hope you enjoy it @realDonaldTrump!

BOOK – Why I Couldn’t Stay Silent

Thank you @RealCandaceO for writing the foreword for it!!! #BLEXIT #Woke#WeTheFree #WalkAway

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