Dirty cop Robert Mueller is at it again. Now, he insists he wants all communications between Manafort and a former lawyer who was unnamed in the suit. Mueller, who has a long history of corruption, wants the lawyer to aid him in a fishing expedition against Manafort. I believe that President Trump should pardon Manafort, because Mueller is only prosecuting him for two reasons: To try to turn him against President Trump; or in failing to do that, convict Manafort, and use guilt by association. I believe the president should (and will) pardon Manafort, but he will likely wait until after the midterm elections to do so.

From The Gateway Pundit

Mueller’s team wants to read emails between Paul Manafort and one of his former lawyers, reported Politico.

The unnamed former lawyer could also be forced to testify in the upcoming D.C. trial where Manafort has been charged with failing to register as a foreign agent while he was lobbying on behalf of former Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych.

Mueller’s prosecutors previously obtained a warrant to get their hands on a tranche of Manafort’s emails and handed them over to a “taint team” of lawyers to sift through ‘privileged’ messages.

Counsel for Mr. Manafort did not respond to the Taint Team’s inquiry, but later claimed to be asserting privilege over all communications between Mr. Manafort” and his attorney, Mueller’s team wrote.

This won’t be the first time they have tried to grab privileged information. In their raids on Michael Cohen, they seized all of the communications between President Trump and Michael Cohen. The best they could come up with is hush money paid out of Trump’s own pocket, which is legal. However, Barack Obama’s campaign team tried to buy off Rev Jeremiah Wright for $150,000 to remain silent throughout the election campaign using campaign contributions, which is illegal.

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