Sunlight is the best disinfectant.

More blatant failures by the Broward County school district that preceded the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting on Valentine’s Day has been reported by the Sun Sentinel.

In their report, they expose that the district led a prolonged effort to “hide, deny, and mask” multiple failures to deflect blame from public officials.

Immediately after 17 people were murdered inside Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, the school district launched a relentless effort to keep people from finding out what went wrong, or better yet, why things went wrong.

According to the story, for months, Broward schools delayed or withheld records, refused to assess the role of employees publicly, spread misinformation and even sought to jail reporters who published the truth.

The report also finds the district spent at least $200,000 on public relations consultants in an effort to mislead the public over what they knew, and when they knew it.

Here’s what they don’t want you to find out.  Florida has some pretty serious problems with student crime rates.  When so many arrests are made it lowers the school district’s overall ratings, and those districts get less money from the states and the federal government.

Broward County School Board made a political deal with local law enforcement to not arrest students for certain types of crimes, to boost their grant money from the state and the federal governments.  In other words, they lowered the student crime rate, not by better and more innovative law enforcement strategies, but by simply not making arrests for certain types of crimes.  No, I’m not kidding.

Miami-Dade County, which is next door to Broward County, did the same thing, and the lower student crime rate got their school district more money for the schools, teachers, and administrators.  When the Broward County School Board saw the benefits of having a lower student crime problem, they naturally asked how they did it, and the rest is history.

Now you know why leftists in those counties have been blaming guns and the NRA for school shootings.

Who’s allegedly responsible for coming up with such a dangerous idea?  Barack Obama and his Attorney General Eric Holder.  They created a program that they said was designed to end what they called the School To Prison Pipeline (SPP), where they said if you can lower the student crime rates, the federal government will give you more money, and they encouraged states to do the same.

The official leftist gobbledygook message is that the School To Prison Pipeline is due to the “disproportionate tendency of minors and young adults from disadvantaged backgrounds to become incarcerated, because of increasingly harsh school and municipal policies.”  They used the term “disadvantaged” to remove any responsibility for criminal activities by students.  If they’re disadvantaged, it can’t possibly be their fault.

So, they stopped making arrests.

The Parkland school shooter, Nikolas Cruz, was not a good kid.  The police were called to his house about two dozen times for things like threatening someone with a gun or shooting a gun in the back yard, and other such incidents, and not one time did the police arrest him, thanks to the political deal that was made with the school board.  In this case, had police arrested Cruz for any of the times they were called to his home, his guns would have been confiscated, and maybe nobody would have been shot that fateful day.

That is what the liberals in Florida are trying to cover up.  People need to understand that it was the same liberals who cry about gun control and want to blame the gun and not the shooter who is responsible for the Parkland Shooting being able to happen over their greed and shady backroom dealings that the political class always gets away with.

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