GOP Representatives Ron DeSantis, Jim Jordan and Matt Gaetz were on the Sean Hannity Show, talking about Rod Rosenstein threatening staffers over their investigation of the FBI and DOJ, which Rosenstein denies. But earlier in the program, Rep Devin Nunes was on and he says he personally witnessed Rosenstein threaten three staffers and that he believed he had threatened more.

During Sean’s interview of the three Reps, Rep Matt gaetz called for the impeacRod Rosenstein who is a denizen of the Deep State who is trying to cover up the crimes within the DOJ.  But the problem is the House GOP talks and talks and no one is taking action. They’re threatening of staffers doing oversight is a felony and if they really want to do something, refer him to the local US Attorney for prosecution and start impeachment proceedings immediately.

Rep. Matt Gaetz urged Congress to impeach Rosenstein.

Matt Gaetz: Sean Rod Rosenstein is intractably conflicted in this investigation. And as brave patriots like Kash Patel work hard for the Congress to expose the corruption and the bias then they’re threatened by Rod Rosenstein? This is outrageous. Kash Patel was in my office concerned for the fact that he as a staff member was doing his job and then somehow had a different branch of government bringing these threats upon him… Look, I’m sick and tired of Rod Rosenstein’s games. I think we need to impeach Rosenstein. He won’t turn over documents. He signed a FISA renewal against the President of the United States. And frankly if we don’t step up and defend our institution then what good is the Congress anyway?

Get off the pot, gentlemen and represent the voters like you swore to do.


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