Randa Jarra, the racist Muslim professor at Fresno State University was able to stop dancing on Barbara Bush’s grave long enough to bash farmers. jarrar saqid her job is safe because she is a tenured professor. Earlier this week, the university president, Joseph Castro made it clear that tenured professors can be fired and that the only thing is it’s a more drawn out process. The ACLU and other Marxist professors claim that she has the freedom of speech, which is funny coming from people who try to shut down every conservative speaker booked to come to colleges to give speeches.

Someone put together a Best of Randa Jarrar video, where she uses extremely hateful and profanity laced words to describe those she hates. (Conservatives) Large donors to the university have opened their mouths and closed their wallets in protest. In the video Jarrar says that farmers support president Trump which makes them effin stupid.


From Fox News

In Twitter posts Tuesday, Jarrar called the late first lady an “amazing racist,” and said she was “happy the witch is dead.”

Outrage over the posts has had Castro and other university officials worried about alienating key donors — and sparked debate among the faculty over the professor’s free speech rights.

As part of the fallout, the university also has been dealing with reports that Jarrar listed the phone number of a student crisis line in Arizona as being her own number, resulting in a flood of calls to the crisis line.

The thing I find funny is the same people who claim Jarrar is just exercising her free speech rights have been telling us for the last year that hate speech isn’t free speech. When did that change? But aside from her profanity laced speech she gave out the university crises center phone number as her own, which jammed the lines and could have prevented some student in dire need of the help they needed. That’s illegal and could give the university just cause in firing her.


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