The lunacy in our schools never ends. A gun nut student egged on by George Soros and the Women’s March decided to punch another student who was pro-NRA.Earlier in the day, the attacker told the school nurse he was going to punch Christian Breault for defending guns. The nurse kept her mouth shut and didn’t tell anyone about the threat. Later that day the gun nut did attack Christian who with one punch to the jaw flattened the unhinged student. For defending himself, the principal suspended him for a day. The student who attacked him got 3 days. Does that mean if a student attacked the principal, the principal would be suspended or fired?

From The Conservative Tribune

A senior at a New York state high school was suspended for a day for defending himself from an attack by an anti-gun student last week after a school assembly that featured a CNN video harshly critical of Second Amendment supporters.

Brian Breault said his son, Christian, attended an assembly at Middleburgh Junior/Senior High School, just west of Albany, after the school participated in the national anti-gun walkout that marked one month since the Feb. 14 mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida.

As part of the assembly, students were presented with CNN’s coverage of a Stoneman Douglas student giving a speech that castigated pro-Second Amendment arguments with the repeated refrain “we call BS.”

In fact, the presentation was so extreme that the school district superintendent later apologized in writing for the presentation. This is why indoctrination in the schools is such a dangerous thing. Young impressionable minds can easily be driven into a frenzy and attack someone. Preferably someone who can’t lay you out with one punch.

Christian’s dad is beside himself that his son should be suspended for defending himself.


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