What you are about to see and hear is the press conference with the alleged witness into the death of Seth Rich. None of this can be verified by us and do not take our posting of the video as an endorsement by me or this site. Personally, I take this with a huge grain of salt, and consider nothing solid at this point. We will continue to monitor the situation until we can determine with real proof if they are credible or just people trying to get by with a hoax. I suggest you do the same. Evidence was produced and the witness spoke at the conference over the telephone. 

The alleged witness was heard, but never seen, and that raises a lot of questions – unless you believe that his life is really in danger. If they have all of this proof, why do they not come forward with it? Things like that always make me suspicious. Of course, if the story is true – and the witness truly believes he is in danger – that might explain it, but I want proof. Otherwise, it’s just a conspiracy theory.

The parents of Seth Rich put out a statement today on the second anniversary of his murder, and in it they condemn conspiracy theories.


In a moment you will get to see the complete press conference. Once again I want to warn you that it is not wise to take this as gospel truth. Maybe not even a little truth or it could be earth shattering, but until hard physical proof is produced, do not jump to any conclusions.


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