Look out for incoming flak from the media and their wholly owned subsidiary, the DNC. Barack Obama could have invited Adolf Hitler to the White House in the middle of WWII and the media would have hailed it as a great accomplishment, but I’m willing to bet dollar to donuts that the media will find some way to make a negative out of this. Avoiding a nuclear war is not a good story line for them but bashing Trump is. They will say that Trump is conferring legitimacy on Kim. But anyone with nuclear weapons is already legitimate, don’t you think?

From The Daily Caller

President Donald Trump told reporters Tuesday that he “absolutely” will invite North Korean Kim Jong Un to visit the White House.

Trump made his comments at a signing ceremony, during which the two leaders signed what Trump called a “comprehensive” and “historic” agreement, a document that offers North Korea an opportunity for improved relations and security guarantees in exchange for commitment to “the complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.” The president said that the denuclearization process will begin “very quickly.” (RELATED: Here’s What Trump-Kim Jong Un Agreed Upon At Summit)

“He is a very worthy negotiator,” the president said of Kim, further remarking, “We’ll meet many times.” The Trump administration had previously stated that Tuesday’s summit is not a one-and-done deal, with various officials explaining that achieving the desired results will be a process.

President Trump said that he will wait until the time is right before inviting Kim. Trump would not have said this unless Kim made it known that he would be amiable to such a visit. This is important. The reason a visit is mentioned is for the same reason that Singapore was selected for the summit. To show Kim what would be possible if he quit being a pariah and joined the world community. Singapore is a wealthy and very advanced nation but not that long ago, they were barely better off than North Korea is now.

It has been hinted that Kim is interested in making his country a tourist destination.


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