President Trump has issued an Executive Order that will make a complete review of all the programs associated with the welfare system in order to continue to provide for those in need, to aid able bodied people to find work and to strengthen work requirement for the able bodied who do not have children to attend to. He will probably also address welfare programs used by illegal aliens to save money and to discourage illegal immigration. Without the free money and benefits, crossing the border into the United States will be less attractive. They will have 90 days to report back to the president.

From The Washington Times

The executive order states that federal policy will be to reform welfare programs to empower people following “principles of economic mobility.” Those principles include:

  • Improving employment outcomes and economic independence, including by strengthening existing work requirements and introducing new ones.
  • Promoting “strong social networks” to escape poverty, “including through work and marriage.”
  • Addressing populations that “may particularly struggle to find and maintain employment (including single parents, formerly incarcerated individuals, the homeless, substance abusers, individuals with disabilities, and disconnected youth).”
  • Reducing wasteful spending by consolidating or eliminating federal programs that are duplicative or ineffective.

The review will encourage tougher work requirements for programs such as Medicaid, food stamps and subsidized housing, officials said.

The welfare system was reformed during the Clinton administration. (Bill Clinton of course since Hillary is a 2 time loser) Barack Obama loosened up the rules in order to attract more illegal immigrants and to give others who would vote for Democrats more incentive to do so.

President Trump has allowed states to require work from able bodied Americans reversing the policy of Barack Obama who eliminated such requirements. It has been incredibly effective in lowering the welfare rolls in states that amended their policies.


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