President Trump chastised liberals and some of the mainstream news media’s reporting of the U.S.-North Korean summit on denuclearization saying, “Fake News” networks NBC and CNN are trying to downplay the summit, a deal they would have “begged” for 500 days ago, adding that America’s “biggest enemy is the Fake News,” which is “so easily promulgated by fools!”

The liberals are upset that this didn’t happen for Barack Obama, or better yet, a President Hillary Clinton.  They could care less about the details and ramifications of the denuclearization summit. They only care about who scores politically in such things.  Obama wasn’t interested in doing anything on North Korea, as was evidenced by Dennis Rodman who recently revealed that Kim Jong Un some years ago gave him a message to give to the Obama administration that he was willing to talk, and that Obama wouldn’t give him the time of day when he tried to relay the message.

The Left hates the fact that Donald Trump is the one who got us this far.  The Never Trumpers are hoping upon hope that North Korea ultimately doesn’t get rid of their nukes, so as to be able to embarrass the president down the road.  How un-American is that?

Another great thing about the summit is that unlike Barack Obama and his horrible and unconstitutional Iran nuclear deal, there were no pallets of cash flown into North Korea in the middle of the night in the fashion of Pablo Escobar, and no promises of more flexibility after his reelection were made.  Trump got it done Trump style, and the Left simply cannot handle it.  This president has proven time and time again that the D.C. establishment way of doing things may make politicians seem and feel like statesmen via pageantries of pomp and circumstance showing everyone how ultimately important they are is a load of bullschtein.

Are you tired of winning yet?



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