Ever since the work of fiction was released by well known fraudster Michael Wolff, many of the people Wolff quoted in the book said that Wolfe lied and that they never gave him any such quote. Wolff then claimed he had dozens of hours of tapes that proved they did but when his bluff was called, no tapes were forthcoming. Now, President Trump is interested in having Jeanine Pirro write a book that will expose Wolff as a fraud. The two met for lunch and discussed the project. The book should do better than Wolff’s because conservatives can read. When his book came out even quite a few liberal journalists criticized his work.

From The Blaze

Trump and Pirro had lunch at the White House last Wednesday to discuss the potential project, the Times reported. Trump even agreed to be interviewed for the book should it come to fruition. More from the Times:

For weeks, the president has seethed about the depiction of him in “Fire and Fury” as a volatile and ill-equipped chief executive, even asking the White House counsel and allies whether a libel lawsuit against Mr. Wolff is still possible. (His advisers have told him no.)

It’s not clear if Trump has given Pirro the green-light or if the Fox News host plans to use her upcoming book to respond directly to Wolff’s. Pirro’s book, tentatively titled “Liars, Leakers and Liberals,” is set to hit book shelves on June 12.

The book is due out on June 12th. It’s possible that Pirro is rewriting her book in order to address the many lies and outright fabrication in Wolff’s book. Judge Jeanine is a solid supporter of the president and has her own show on Fox News, where she decimates liberals on a daily basis. She is very popular among conservative viewers.



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