French President Emmanuel Macron has been making fun of our president for not signing on to the Paris Accord on global warming. As a result, Paris is in flames, and Macron’s approval rating is just 18%, making him less popular than jock itch. His government is in shambles, and he has no chance for reelection (that is if he isn’t forced to resign before then). Macron has been a big critic of America First, and his gas tax raised the price of a gallon of gas to over seven dollars a gallon. Here, in South Carolina, the price was 1.90 a gallon as of today.

From Business Insider

  • French President Emmanuel Macron rebuked US President Donald Trump last month for putting the interests of US citizens above demonstrating moral values.
  • Three weeks later, Paris was set ablaze by thousands of working-class protesters who objected to Macron promoting an environmentally friendly fuel tax.
  • Macron is about half as popular in France as Trump is in the US. Macron has set himself up as the enemy of nationalist leaders across Europe, but they’re more popular than him.
  • The Trump administration on Tuesday called for European countries to ditch the leadership of the United Nations and the European Union and instead to join the US in putting the interests of their own citizens first.
  • As Macron backpedals on his high-minded fuel tax without appeasing the protesters, it looks as if Trump is having the last laugh.

French President Emmanuel Macron stood at the Arc de Triomphe last month and rebuked President Donald Trump’s “America First” policy at a ceremony marking the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I.

It was a move that, by all accounts, infuriated Trump.

Trump went home from Paris being roundly mocked for the wide perception that he had let rainfall keep him from honoring fallen soldiers, and he fumed at Macron on Twitter.

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