On ABC’s “This Week with George Stephanopoulos’ on Sunday morning, Governor Chris Christie described George H.W. Bush as “a great protector of the institutions of our time.”   What a perfect way to describe the former POTUS.  The office of the president is highest on the government list. It will come as no shock to hear that President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump will attend his funeral.  It would be shocking if they were not in attendance.

The Stephanopoulos show was the only one that included criticisms of H.W. Bush. All the other shows sang praises for 41, as that’s the common decency that happens when someone passes, but some on the ABC panel either couldn’t grow up or couldn’t help themselves from going evil, and they took a left turn while speaking of the president who had just died.

ABC’s political analyst Matthew Dowd, who worked on the campaign of GHW’s opponent in his Senate race and went on to work for George W. Bush, and whose cranium could be used as a political phallic symbol, if you get my drift, led the charge against the elder Bush saying he shouldn’t be lionized but remembered as a flawed human, as we all are.  Dowd, a typical bitter schmuck, opened the door for the others to all chime in.  Nothing is sacred to this creep.  Dowd went on to mention the use of the Willie Horton ad in Bush’s campaign but failed to mention that the ad came from a third party group, or that Al Gore was the original person to bring up Willie Horton in a primary against Dukakis.

I certainly hope that Matthew Dowd has the maturity and couth to not make an appearance, though I wouldn’t put it past him to insult the man on a television news network and then show up at his funeral for all to see.

President Trump has declared December 5 as a national day of mourning.  Federal offices will be closed.  The elder Bush’s funeral arrangements are to be updated on his website, which you can see here. This is a standard show of respect for former presidents. There will be a funeral service in Washington’s National Cathedral.


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