For two weeks liberals cried crocodile tears over the kids who were separated from their parents. They were so upset by the two thousand that were separated during the zero-tolerance program that they totally forgot about the 72,000 separated by Obama in 2013 alone. It gets worse. Then the Democrats and the media got upset when pictures of kids being forced to sleep in cages appeared. They forgot about them quickly enough once they found out they were from 2014. Then they falsely claimed that kids were being mistreated at the detention camps. Humanitarian inspectors found conditions to be very satisfactory, but what about the Obama detention centers? No less than the NYT reported on the rotten conditions the children were forced to live in.

From the Conservative Tribune

In light of the great outrage and immense pressure placed on the Trump administration, the president signed an executive order on June 20 that sought to end the separation of families at the border, and requested a federal judge modify the Flores Agreement to allow for children to be detained longer than 20 days if they were detained together with their families in a facility designed for family detentions.

One would think liberals would decry the prior court ruling and cheer Trump’s executive order bringing families back together — I mean, “think of The Children!!” — but their reflexive opposition to everything said or done by Trump has now proven that their stated compassion for the children was little more than an anti-Trump political ploy that used the separated kids at the border as pawns.

Still not convinced? Then try this one:

There are two courtroom decisions. They are diametrically opposed. They both concern the Clinton era Flores agreement. In that agreement no kids would be held in detention for more than twenty days, even if it meant the children would be separated from their parents.

In the first case, a liberal judge in San Diego had ordered a halt to the family separations and demanded that some 3,000 families be reunited. In the second case, which took place in San Diego, the Trump administration asked the court to allow it to modify the Flores agreement in order to keep children together. The judge refused, so after 20 days the children and their parents must be separated.

So, which of these two very different rulings do you suppose the Democrats applauded? Both! Because the children have never been a concern of the Democrats. They just want Trump to lose as much as possible, even if it means separating the children from their families.

Now that’s proof positive.

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