Could the city of Portland be any more liberal if they tried? During the Portland ICE protests, the mayor and the chief of police ordered police to stand down and let protesters run wild. Both are ardent ICE detractors. Then an inspector “just happened to be in the neighborhood” and cited ICE for their fence being a nuisance for being too high. (…It’s only coincidental that her boss also hates ICE and has said so publicly…)

Oregon Public Broadcasting (PBS) reports:

A large fence U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement built to keep protestors away from its southwest Portland facility was constructed without proper permits, Portland city officials said Monday.

Now ICE’s wall might have to come down.

The city’s Bureau of Development Services issued a correction notice to ICE on Monday, after inspecting the fence. The structure was erected last week, following weeks of protest outside the southwest Portland facility.

“Upon examination, the inspector found that the fence was more than eight feet tall, which is a violation of Oregon Structural Specialty Code,” the city of Portland said in a statement. “A formal letter will be sent to the property owner. The property owner is required to respond to the correction notice within 10 days of receipt.”

According to BDS spokesman Thomas Ngo, the notice was issued by an inspector who was in the neighborhood and “noticed the fence was way too high.”

The city’s citation is notable in part because Chloe Eudaly, the city commissioner who oversees code enforcement, has been a vocal critic of federal immigration policy and has expressed support for the camp. But Eudaly’s chief of staff, Marshall Runkel, said Monday that she hadn’t directed the inspector to visit the site.

Citing Monday’s arrest of two protestors by federal officers, Runkel said, “I can tell you that the fence is providing some useful functions. It’s a dangerous situation down there.”

The ICE fence is in violation – but what about the fences put up by protesters?

If the ICE fence has to come down, then the military should be sent in to prevent the domestic terrorists from restarting their hate campaign.


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