Just a few days ago we reported an outbreak of polio, which had been eradicated in the United States years ago. It was also pointed out that polio still thrives in Somalia and in Minnesota, which has the highest Somali population in the United States, they have 6 current cases. In Chicago, where Rahm Emanuel welcomed any and all immigrants. They now have four cases of the dreaded disease, with a 2-year-old as its latest victim.

Poliomyelitis, often called polio or infantile paralysis, is an infectious disease caused by the poliovirus.[1] In about 0.5 percent of cases there is muscle weakness resulting in an inability to move.[1]This can occur over a few hours to a few days.[1][3] The weakness most often involves the legs but may less commonly involve the muscles of the head, neck and diaphragm

From The Chicago Tribune

It seemed like a 2-year-old girl from Batavia had the same cold as her sisters until her health took a drastic turn, leaving her unable to breathe on her own and paralyzing her, her family wrote on social media.

For the past three weeks, toddler Julia Payne has been treated at Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago where she was recently diagnosed with acute flaccid myelitis, a rare but serious condition that causes inflammation in the spinal cord area that directly affects a person’s muscles. To date, officials say they believe mostly children have been affected; and while the causes vary, there’s no known cure.

Across the state, there have been nine recent cases of people younger than 18 years old who have been clinically diagnosed with acute flaccid myelitis. Last month, the Illinois Department of Public Health sent an alert to health care providers about AFM.

For those of you who don’t remember, the Obama administration hid the diseases illegal aliens and immigrants were diagnosed with and allowed them to come into our country anyway.

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