Smug Peter Strzok is not a very convincing liar. Convincing liars don’t roll their eyes and smirk. That’s what a liar does who knows he got away with his crimes. In answering questions about why he abandoned the Hillary email investigation for the Trump collusion investigation, Strzok had two answers – one more troubling than the first. Number one claim: he was ordered to do so by James Comey. The second reason he gave was that as far as national security goes, the collusion investigation was the most dire. Oh, Really??  An alleged case of collusion for which there is still no proof was more important than a case where we know for a fact that Russia got classified information from Hillary’s emails? Seriously?

From The Daily Caller

FBI Assistant Director Peter Strzok testified Thursday that former FBI Director James Comey directed him to focus his time and resources on the Russian election interference investigation over Hillary Clinton’s use of classified information.

In a fiery joint Judiciary and Oversight Committee hearing, Strzok was asked by Democratic Rep. Jerry Nadler why he thought it was important to “prioritize” the Russia investigation in October 2016 over the recent reopening of the Clinton case due to the discovery of emails on Anthony Weiner’s laptop.

Strzok continued, “When you look at an allocation of resources based on the threat to national security, the Russia influence investigations were of much greater impact than a mishandling of classified information investigation.”

Nadler clarified, “The first reason was the director told you to?”

“Yes, sir,” Strzok said.

The truth is that both Strzok and Comey were more interested in finding a way to get rid of Trump than they were of leaked classified information. They can deny it until the cows come home, but it’s obvious now after almost 2 years of investigating and the expenditure of over 20 million dollars, that there was no collusion.

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