Ohio University is located in Athens, Ohio just 9 miles from my hometown of Amesville. The university itself is an enigma. It makes the top ten on Princeton’s party school of the year, every year, many times finishing at number one. But it gets more research money than many of the big schools because of their incredible successes. A student high on mushrooms will be walking down the street and suddenly say, “I can see colors, man, and the cure for cancer. It’s a very small school but there is one more area where they excel. Activism. And that brings us to this story.

From The Blaze

Police have charged Anna Ayers, a member of the student government at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio, with a misdemeanor offense after she reportedly made anti-LGBTQ threats against herself and reported them to police.

What are the details?

According to a report by Campus Reform, police arrested Ayers on Monday and charged her with three counts of “making false alarms.”

Authorities said that Ayers, who is a member of the school’s student Senate, reported that she’d been subjected to death threats and threats in general as a result of being a member of the LGBTQ community. After an investigation, authorities discovered that Ayers had faked the threats, which had been sent to the student Senate office and to her home.

“[A] subsequent investigation by OUPD found that Ayers had placed the messages herself, prior to reporting them,” a spokesperson for the department said, Campus Reform reported.

No one cared that she was a lesbian, so she decided to make them care. In recent years, we have seen this story play out a hundred times. They can’t find any bigotry, so they have to make it up.

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