Devin Nunes is preparing to launch an investigation into Obama officials who lied about the Trump dossier.

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes has said he has proof that former CIA Director John Brennan perjured himself when he testified before Congress about his role in elevating the debunked Trump dossier that was used to get a FISA warrant and eventually led to the phony Russia investigation.

Brennan testified under oath that he wasn’t aware of who compiled the dossier, and in his May 2017 testimony he denied that it had anything to do with the intelligence community’s conclusion last year that Russia interfered in the 2016 election to help Trump’s chances of victory.

However, the recently released Nunes memo revealed that numerous senior national security and counterintelligence officials at the DOJ and FBI were fully aware that the dossier was funded by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the DNC.

Nunes promises that phase three will show how Obama used John Brennan, James Clapper, Susan Rice, and others to use the dossier as a basis of their intelligence reports to launch the phony Russia investigation against Trump.

Chairman Nunes is planning to release a report detailing the Obama State Department’s role in the creation of the dossier, which will identify Obama-appointed diplomats who worked with Hillary Clinton henchmen to help former British spy Christopher Steele compile the dossier.

The government under our Constitutional republic has always relied on the ‘honor system‘.  We believe that people who take an oath to do their jobs are honorable people and take the oath seriously.  It is the cornerstone of how our republic has lasted for over two-hundred years.  Unfortunately, this isn’t true anymore.  Barack Obama and his administration have corrupted just about every federal department, and right now we are witnessing the unraveling of a corruption case that is unparalleled in our nation’s history.

One by one the Congress is taking apart the DOJ-FBI conspiracy against President Trump – nay – against our system of government.  It has been an uphill battle, because we no longer have honest journalism in America among our mainstream media elites.  They simply will not cover any story that makes Democrats look bad.  In fact, some believe the media has been complicit with much of what the rogue elements of the DOJ and FBI  have so far gotten away with.  Had they been doing their job the corruption may not have gotten as bad as it is, and right now we are discovering that it is as bad as it gets.



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