In what has been called an error, two educators from University of Nebraska-Lincoln have had awards revoked by the Governor  Pete Ricketts. The two originally had their  Nebraska Navy admiralship . A Omaha man nominated them for the award based on their vulgar language and hand gestures while protesting a conservative group during a recruitment drive. Graduate teaching assistant Courtney Lawton and associate professor Amanda Gailey  led a protest against Turning Point USA on the college campus. There were using their free speech to steal Turning Point USA’s right to free speech.

From The Washington Examiner

Lawton was filmed flashing the middle finger and yelling “neo-fascist Becky, right here” at Mullen. The educator also accused the student of wanting to destroy public schools and universities.

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln responded by telling Lawton that her contract would not be renewed once it expired in November of that year.

Gailey, who accompanied Lawton at the protest, was photographed holding a sign that read, “Turning Point: Please put me on your watchlist.”

The associate professor’s sign was in reference to a Turning Point USA project, Professor Watchlist, which is an aggregated list of publicly available news articles about professors who advance a radical agenda in lecture halls.

The governor announce the revocation of the awards in a letter on January 31st. In it he said:

“Courtney Lawton’s behavior does not embody Nebraska values, which the original request represented.”

The awards were revoked just one day after both Lawton and Gailey testified in a hearing about the allowance of free speech on campus. Both Lawton and Gailey voiced their opposition to free speech for anyone but themselves. Liberals are funny that way. They believe that the only speech worth listening to is their own. They fight fascism by being fascists. That’s like a celibacy group throwing an orgy to raise money.


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