What’s it like to live in the Netherlands, knowing that one day soon your native culture will be gone? Not only do refugees run entire neighborhoods, but now they have their own political party, DENK. DENK is made up of refugees, for refugees, and have begun winning seats in the legislature. DENK insists that Natives must destroy every trace of their culture to make it more welcoming to mass migration. Officials inside DENK tell the native Dutch that if they don’t like the idea of being a minority in their own country, they should leave. This is what they do everywhere – they just refuse to admit to it.

From Breitbart News

Famous for his ‘Hoodvlogs’ videos showcasing the exploits of Turkish youths in Poelenburg, a crime-plagued “problem district” of Zaandam where less than 30 percent of the population is Dutch, Ilgun was branded “scum of the earth” by Prime Minister Mark Rutte in 2016.

DENK, which means “think” in Dutch and “equality” in Turkish, won several seats in the Dutch parliament last year on an aggressive platform demanding the total deconstruction of native Netherlanders’ identity so as to make migrants feel more at home, including a ban on the terms “native” and “immigrant”.

As previously reported by Breitbart London, the party also demands the tearing down of street names, statues, and monuments relating to the nation’s “racist” past, and heavy focus in the media and throughout Dutch schooling on the Netherlands’ history of colonialism and slavery, and how it supposedly is responsible for all the ills of minorities living in the nation today.

This is the danger you get once you swing your doors wide open and say “Welcome” without knowing who you are letting in.


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