A growing number of liberal legislators and candidates are walking away from Nancy Pelosi as we head into the 2018 midterm elections.  This raises serious questions over her political future if Democrats take back control of Congress this fall.

From Fox News:

Democratic congressional candidates are revolting against Nancy Pelosi in even bigger numbers, amid fears that her grip on power could hurt the party’s chances in the midterms and hold back its next generation of leaders.

The list of candidates refusing to support the California Democrat for speaker — or refusing to state their position — has steadily grown, though estimates vary.

The Washington Post counts at least 27 Democratic House candidates who won’t commit support.

Another count published by NBC News says over 50 Democratic candidates and incumbents would not support Pelosi for speaker —should the party take back the 23-seat majority from Republicans.

Rashida Tlaib, who recently won a Democratic primary in Michigan, was the latest to claim that she would not support Pelosi for Speaker.

“Probably not. That’s my answer, no. Probably not,” said Tlaib. “For me, I need someone that, again, is connected with the different levels of poverty going on, the fact that there are structures and barriers for working families in my district that need to be dismantled, and supporting big banks and supporting efforts that I don’t think put the people first is troubling.”

Tlaib lamented that constituents in the Detroit metro area, the district she wants to represent, tell her they don’t feel like they are “being heard” in Washington.  And they’re not.

“I think that starts at the top with leadership,” Tlaib said.

The simple truth of it all is if the Democrats do take back the House, and they do elect Pelosi as Speaker, all of these “courageous” Democrat candidates will fall in line with Pelosi and vote straight down the party line as always.  They more-than-likely right now fear that Pelosi’s radical leftist shadow will harm their chances in the Midterm elections, so for now they’re saying they are not supporting her for Speaker.  What’s that saying, fool me once?

A personal message from David.

It’s a good day when we see the Democrats literally eating themselves alive. Democrats are actually pushing farther and farther away from the Democrat Elites that are promoting leftist ideas that are actually socialist in nature.

I do not believe there’s any way that the Democrats are going to take back control of the House this November. I believe Americans across the country are waking up to realize that Donald J. Trump’s policies are working. People are working. America is doing greater than it’s done in decades. And why would any American want to stop that…?

So, as I said in my last article, Nancy, please keep talking. And Nancy, please keep reminding everyone that you’re a Democrat. Because now, even the Democrats don’t like you and are distancing themselves from you. I can’t wait for this to happen to Mad Maxine as well!

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